Basecamp Scout


What Do We Offer?

Due to its plethora of exciting features, Scout offers numerous benefits that help the businesses with effective sales force management, improved sales, more revenue, and eventually, a distinct advantage over the competition.

Greater knowledge of products and services

With real-time visibility of, and complete control over your sales activities, Scout allows you greater understanding of your products and services. You can hence focus on the value you are creating for your customer, and in the broader context, on increasing your sales, and improving the bottom-line.

360 degree view of the sales team’s activities

Number and quality of sales calls done in a day, number of potential clients, transparency in claims reimbursement, real-time location of sales reps, etc., you can know it all, thanks to Scout. This visibility helps you plan and manage your resources in an efficient way.

Stronger sales analysis

With Scout, you will have the entire key data — to analyze your daily activities and business transactions — at your disposal. This in turn makes it easier for you to find out what’s working and what’s not, and helps you minimize mistakes as well as figure out where you need to improve.

Maximum operational efficiency

Scout lets you know how much time your staff is spending on non-productive tasks. You can work on reducing the unproductive time significantly by automating and streamlining the majority of your administrative tasks. Time saved can be used to convert the leads, close the deals, and engage with the customers.

Unified field team structure

Merely having the right sales personnel doesn’t get the job done. You need to have a proper structure in place so that the system functions optimally. Scout helps with establishing that unified field team structure, by fostering cooperation, eliminating overlapping situations, and creating a conducive environment so that the team works together collaboratively.

Cost savings

Scout helps save costs by eliminating paper processes; that is you can generate electronic quotes and orders directly on your mobile, tablet, or other devices, and save costs by eliminating printed quotes and orders. Moreover, with a streamlined sales process in place, you can make savings on overall operational costs wherever possible.

Real-time reporting insights

In order to achieve sustainable success, it is important that your sales team is working with actionable insight that has the capacity to drive revenue. Scout’s actionable dashboards, coupled with the custom reporting feature, give you real-time business insights. This way, you can identify the bottlenecks and manage your sales activities in an easy, free-flowing manner.

Informed decision making

With better business insights you make more informed decisions. For example, you can identify what is slowing down your sales funnel, where and why deals are stalling, and take corrective action. With reliable, quantifiable data at your disposal, you can forecast future sales, make decisions accordingly, and drive company growth.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Your business’ success depends on how satisfied your customers are, and whether repeat sales is happening from their end or not. Your business has to be built around satisfying customers. Scout helps you in your quest with its sales tracking element, through which you can easily see what people are appreciating about your business.

Improved collaboration and internal communication

A cloud-based sales-tracking app, Scout stores all the data at one, universally accessible place. Every team member can have access to view and update that data in real-time. This keeps every ‘feet on street’ aligned in his effort to support existing customers and convert new leads, thus giving full visibility into the prospects and customers.