Medical Representatives

The medical reps are on the field all day long, away from the office, meeting doctors to promote and sell their pharma company's products.

This makes it difficult for their managers to:

  • Track their movements
  • Determine their productivity
  • Evaluate their performance
  • Schedule visits on-the-go
  • Plan routes

At the same time, it creates challenges for the medical reps too, such as:

  • Difficulty in managing sales records
  • Problems with managing appointments
  • Sharing data with the managers in real-time
  • Issues with time management
  • Getting precise directions to appointment locations
Medical Representative Management System

But not anymore, as Basecamp Scout for Medical Representatives, a powerful app for the Pharma Sales Managers as well as the medical reps, comes to their rescue. This GPS-enabled field representative tracking app empowers the sales managers to keep track of the medical reps’ movements during the work hours, easily allowing to check the field agent’s location at any point of time. It also allows the field force to justify the time spent on the job, during and in-between the sales appointments. The sales tracker app captures the data from the field in the real-time, such as details of the sales calls, reps’ attendance, products pitched, follow-ups, sales pipeline, log sheet, daily reports, and any other customized sales reports. Result: improved efficiency, enhanced profits, and happy employees.

With so many benefits for both for the management and the employee, no wonder Basecamp Scout for Medical Representatives is fast becoming the top choice for the pharma companies. Take a look at its set of powerful features:

Top MR-Specific Features:

  • Update the daily visit logs, visit duration capturing, check-in and check-out from doctor/chemist’s visit, total distance travelled report for reimbursement, etc. in real-time
  • Manage doctor details, visits planning and tracking, targeting products detailing and samples issued, analyzing doctor activity, etc.
  • Manage transactions with the chemist shops or pharmacies, schemes, in-store competition activities, etc.
  • Get precise driving directions for every visit

Top Management-Specific Features:

  • Plan routes or coverage area and assign same to medical representatives through geo-fencing
  • Schedule medical rep visits to doctors / pharmacies / hospitals & laboratories and include specific instructions
  • Track location of your medical representatives in real-time and optimize their deployment
  • Measure and improve productivity continuously with the help of data and reports

Other Essential Features:

Near-by task assignment

If your reps are in a queue to meet a doctor, track them and assign another doctor’s visit at a near-by location accordingly

Digital forms

Manage contact details of doctors, pharmacists, wholesalers, distributors, etc. in digital format. Have any number of fields, and enjoy the perks of going paperless

Geo-tagged proofs

For all those who believe that seeing is believing. Get live images or audio notes from your reps/clients

Real-time updates

Emails, SMS, push notifications, desktop notifications & auto reminders if GPS, internet is off

Task management

Create tasks from your mobile, allocate them to the field executives, and evaluate the progress

Role management

Define roles in your organizational structure, or create custom roles, and manage them

Geo attendance

Trust what you see, not what you hear. Get time-tagged, selfie attendance directly from mobile

Data security

Features like User Authentication, Single Active Device, SSL Certification, etc. make your life secure apart from being easy


Out-of-box reports to track daily/weekly/monthly activities of the sales team and make informed decisions

Business Benefits

Due to its plethora of exciting features, Basecamp Scout offers numerous benefits that help the pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses with effective sales force management, improved sales, more revenue, and eventually, a distinct advantage over the competition. Check them below:

  • Greater knowledge of products and services
  • 360 degree view of the medical reps’ activities
  • Stronger sales analysis
  • Maximum operational efficiency
  • Unified field team structure
  • Amicably sorting problems like replacements, credit notes etc
  • Cost savings
  • Real-time reporting insights
  • Informed decision making
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved collaboration and internal communication

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A GPS-enabled sales tracking app, Scout keeps the sales managers connected with their sales team out in the field in real-time.

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