Basecamp Scout

Logistics & Delivery

Though the logistics & delivery industry has been on the rise, the challenges for the companies have grown manifold. Today, they deal with:

  • Larger consumer market
  • Larger geographical area
  • Varied sizes of shipments
  • Pressure to deliver customer satisfaction
  • Need to improve planning, scheduling, & routing
  • Need to manage large number of field workforce
sales tracking app

A field force management tool is thus of critical use for logistics & delivery industry. Basecamp Scout for Logistics & Delivery, a premier field force tracking app, enables the managers to track their field sales personnel’s movements and determine their productivity and performance. Besides, it also helps the field force to manage their delivery records, attendance, KMs travelled, and other tasks. Managers can route the schedule based on priority, size, distance, and time. Furthermore, they can generate pick-up and drop-off points based on the locations of the sellers and the field workforce and guide the field workforce through this GPS-enabled app.

Top Field force-Specific Features

  • Update the daily work records, total distance travelled report for reimbursement, etc. in real-time
  • Manage details of the shipments for delivery, customers, and the delivery records
  • Manage attendance, leaves, and other employee-related details
  • Get precise driving directions for every delivery

Top Management-Specific Features:

  • Plan routes or coverage area and assign field staff to same through geo-fencing
  • Quickly assign new jobs and manage your field force
  • Track location of your field force in real-time and optimize their deployment
  • Measure and improve productivity continuously with the help of data and reports

Other Essential Features:

Near-by task assignment

Track your field employees in real-time and assign a task at a near-by location on-the-go

Digital forms

Manage details of the customers and leads in digital format. Have any number of fields, and enjoy the perks of going paperless

Geo-tagged proofs

For all those who believe that seeing is believing. Get live images or audio notes from your sales staff/customers

Real-time updates

Emails, SMS, push notifications, desktop notifications & auto reminders if GPS, internet is off

Task management

Create tasks from your mobile, allocate them to the field executives, and evaluate the progress

Role management

Define roles in your organizational structure, or create custom roles, and manage them

Geo attendance

Trust what you see, not what you hear. Get time-tagged, selfie attendance directly from mobile

Data security

Features like User Authentication, Single Active Device, SSL Certification, etc. make your life easy


Set up customized reports to track daily/weekly/monthly activity of the sales team and make informed decisions

Business Benefits

Due to its plethora of exciting features, Basecamp Scout offers numerous benefits that help the automobile businesses with effective field force management, optimized processes, improved efficiency, more revenue, and eventually, a distinct advantage over the competition. Check them below:

  • Greater knowledge of products and services
  • 360 degree view of the field force’s activities
  • Stronger sales analysis
  • Maximum operational efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Real-time reporting insights
  • Informed decision making
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved collaboration and internal communication
  • Proper management of sales team doing field work
  • Complete tracking of all the trips made by the field force
  • Analysis and report generation for future reference