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Remove the roadblocks on the way to improve fleet productivity

Big businesses, especially transportation companies own a large fleet which is constantly on the move. In such scenario, managing the fleet becomes a major concern for fleet managers, as it is difficult for them to:

  • Track geographically-dispersed fleet
  • Maintain driver records, and track their behavior in real-time
  • Maintain records of each vehicle
  • Monitor the health of the fleet
  • Always keep the fleet-force safe & compliant
  • Make optimum use of resources

At the same time, drivers, while travelling to distant places, come across many barriers, such as:

  • Keeping a track of total distance covered
  • Justifying their extra halts
  • Managing routine vehicle inspections
  • Time management
  • Sharing information and updating managers with real-time issues
  • Optimizing routes

That’s where Basecamp FleetPro for Transportation Fleets comes to aid. The web and mobile-based application is tailored to cut through the chaos and make your transportation fleet work seamlessly. Unlike hardware tracking devices, FleetPro can be easily installed to your drivers’ smartphones. Its user-friendly interface helps the drivers and operators to use it conveniently.

It helps the managers keep track of the fleet and drivers in real-time, and keep a tab on the costs. Along with this, the GPS-enabled app is a one-stop solution for all the challenges drivers face during their trips. The app acts as a bridge keeping drivers connected with their managers throughout their journeys. With FleetPro, drivers can change their routes to avoid busy routes and traffic jams through real-time updates. FleetPro has also transformed the vehicle inspection as it enables drivers easily carry-out routine vehicle inspection in minutes. It also keeps a track of the services records to set alerts and forecast services based on usage.

FleetPro, with a plethora of characteristic features, can efficiently cater to all the needs of the managers as well as drivers. Take a quick look at them:

Top Management-Specific Features

  • Track vehicles and driver behavior in real-time
  • Manage operational and fuel costs
  • Suggest drivers to opt for the best-possible route to ensure the timely and safe journey
  • Maintain vehicles to keep fleet ready for long trips
  • Evaluate driver’s performance

Top Driver-Specific Features:

  • Take the best-possible routes to save time as well as costs
  • Keep managers informed with the events throughout the trip
  • Perform overall vehicle inspection though customized check-lists to avoid any breakdown
  • Analyze and elevate driving skills after every trip through performance feature

Some other important features of FleetPro:

Drivers’ Behavior Tracking

FleetPro keeps an eye on their driving behavior and immediately notifies managers in case of phone usage, hard braking, aggressive acceleration and crossing speed limits.

Vehicle Assignment

Check the occupancy and availability of drivers and vehicles through a record of all on-going and upcoming trips.

Wok Orders

It allows keeping a check of service works and analyze the cost of services and assets. Now schedule and perform maintenance tasks with FleetPro.

Fuel Management

By providing fuel economy details and cost per mile, FleetPro helps managers analyze the actual costing, save costs and control fuel thefts.

Routes and Places

Plan routes and mark important places or halts.


A centralized platform to all your business-related transaction, such as collections, income, expenses, reimbursements, etc.


With the powerful reporting system, generate accurate and exportable reports of the trips and drivers’ behavior individually.

Business Benefits

With a wide range of exciting features, FleetPro for Transportation Fleets is undoubtedly the key to make your fleet operations flawless. It is a powerful tool to make you emerge as a leader within the transport industry. Below listed are some of the fruitful gains and benefits of having FleetPro:

  • Monitor reckless driving and check anti-social behavior
  • Shun robbery or any other violent activity during journeys
  • Keep an eye on driving behavior to minimize accidents and enhance fuel efficiency
  • GPS tracking enables you determine the timely arrivals of drivers along with predefined routes and at scheduled halts
  • Keep track of working hours and travel duration
  • Improved emergency response system
  • More satisfied passengers

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A GPS-enabled fleet tracking app, FleetPro keeps the fleet managers connected with their drivers out in the field in real-time.

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