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Write-off your fleet management worries

Day in and day out, countless fleets of education institutes (schools, colleges) carry students to the institutes in the morning and back to their homes in the evening. Looks simple, isn’t it? But in reality it is not.

The number of requirements needed to transport thousands of children daily — including ensuring their safety and addressing parental anxiety — are staggering yet necessary, and in doing so, the institute management faces a number of challenges such as:

  • Keeping the students & driver safe
  • Keeping the parents of the wards updated on pick-up and drop-off
  • Monitoring the health of the buses/vehicles
  • Tracking the driver behavior in real-time
  • Optimizing buses based on seating capacity
  • Compliance management & Road safety

At the same time, the drivers too face plenty of challenges, like:

  • Time management – on-time pick-up & drop-off
  • Managing routine vehicle inspections
  • Sharing information with the authorities in real-time
  • Route optimization: picking the best routes considering the pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Getting precise directions to pick-up/drop-off locations

Basecamp FleetPro for Education Fleets puts an end to all these woes. A potent GPS-enabled app for the institute management, parents as well as the drivers, FleetPro for Education Fleets comes with a wide range of benefits for all the stakeholders involved. The management can track the vehicle locations and monitor the driver behavior in real-time through live-maps. FleetPro’s inspection feature allows performing vehicle inspection in minutes and ensures compliance to all the safety mandates. You can track and cut down on fuel expenses, create timely maintenance schedules with reminders to ensure vehicle safety, and make informed decisions thanks to powerful fuel management and reporting & analytics features respectively.

That’s not all, as the drivers too can avoid the busy routes and take the best-possible ones based on the real-time information.

Scope of application of Basecamp FleetPro for Education Fleets

Basecamp FleetPro for Education Fleets has a wide scope of application, as it can be used by following type of institutes that operate private bus service:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Private coaching institutes
  • Vocational institutes
  • Any other educational institute

Basecamp FleetPro, a power-packed app, serves all the aforementioned institutions. Take a look at its set of features:

Top Management-Specific Features:

  • Real-time vehicle location & driver behavior tracking
  • Keep a check on driver’s behavior and activities like aggressive braking, speeding, answering phone, etc.
  • Fleet’s arrival notification to parents near a pickup or drop off point
  • Allocate school buses optimally, depending on their capacity
  • Vehicle maintenance, with an eye on aging fleet vehicles
  • Reporting on vehicle performance over user-specified time interval
  • Ensuring student safety by keeping vehicles safe using inspection feature
  • Tracking fuel spend & optimizing costs

Top Driver-Specific Features:

  • Taking best-possible routes through tracking feature’s live maps
  • Ensuring regular inspections, service tasks with the help of inspections & service features
  • Keeping the management informed about events in the real-time

FleetPro’s Other Essential Features:


Allows creating as many fleet trips, their lists, and managing those trip lists with real-time view on the map, and maintaining detailed as well as accurate trip records including vital fleet stats.

Work Orders

Allows creating and assigning work orders for vehicle maintenance, adding reported vehicle issues, and tracking the progress through various customizable statuses.


Allows adding and managing as many vehicles from your fleet, grouping them together based on type, different geographic areas, and company departments, cost centers, etc., and scheduling them as well as drivers.


Allows scheduling and tracking Preventative Maintenance services, managing other service tasks, and keeping the vehicles current with the help of timely service as well as vehicle reminders.

Contacts/Users/Vendors Management

Allows storing & managing details of each and every stakeholder in your fleet business - your contacts, drivers, users and vendors. You can also store photos/documents related to records, create contact reminders, etc., easily.


Allows creating, storing, and managing places that are important to your fleet business, such as fuel stations, service stations, inspection submissions, and trip-end locations. Also allows defining the scope of places through geo-fencing.


Allows managing all your fleet business’ transactions – income, collection, or related transactions, and expense related transactions - on a daily basis.


Allows managing integration with FASTag - a simple to use, reloadable tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges, its toll lists, and card recharge options easily.

Reports & Analytics

FleetPro's Reporting & Analytics feature allows you to generate and view interactive reports about your fleet data, and conduct real-time analysis of the same.

Business Benefits

Due to its plethora of exciting features, Basecamp FleetPro offers numerous benefits that help the fleet businesses with effective fleet management, optimized resources, and cost benefits, among others. Check them below:

  • Optimized route planning based on drop/pick points
  • Efficient utilization of the school vehicles
  • Reduced unwanted events with a check on driver’s behavior and his driving
  • Improved security of, and service to students
  • Enhanced serenity, efficiency and control on commutation of kids back and forth their school
  • Reduced fuel and over-all expenses for institutions
  • Peace of mind for parents, as they are aware on the bus’s whereabouts
  • Live tracking the bus on the move
  • Saving on operational & maintenance costs
  • Maximized vehicle utilization
  • Timely updates & alerts

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A GPS-enabled fleet tracking app, FleetPro keeps the fleet managers connected with their drivers out in the field in real-time.

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