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FleetPro for Oil, Gas & Mining

The vehicle fleets deployed in Oil, Gas and Mining industry face plenty of challenges. Unlike any other fleet transportation, the fleet in this industry are mixed (heavy, light, construction equipment, etc.), so are the issues with this industry-a bit different and complex. The kind of products these fleets carry can be risky. Apart from these products, these fleets are also used to carry heavy supplies, such as pipes, pumps, machineries, etc. Thus, transportation in this sector demands extra caution and protection.

In order to meet such high safety standards, along with managing other processes, it becomes chaotic for fleet managers to streamline, monitor and track such large fleets. Some common problem that managers face include:

  • Constantly track the geographically scattered fleet
  • Keep fleet force always maintained and service ready
  • Optimize resources
  • Lower down operational costs
  • Right-size fleets
  • Manage compliance of all fleet vehicles

On the other hand, drivers – carrying heavy loads to even remote locations – come across many challenges like:

  • Keep top management updated with real-time happenings
  • Resolve any uninvited issue with limited resources
  • Choose shortest and the safest routes at unknown locations
  • Ensure on-time delivery of the product
  • Regular inspection of vehicles

Moreover, using traditional and orthodox ways of managing such fleet seems tedious and counterproductive. Your team needs an efficient and effective tool like Basecamp FleetPro for Oil, Gas & Mining fleet. This fast and responsive system, is a product of cutting-edge technology that enables you to streamline your fleet management processes. The competent app has a lot of surprising features to serve your all fleet management requirements. Those dealing in this energy sector are well aware of the expenses of vehicle servicing and maintenance. Hence, the FleetPro allows you to regularize your fleet operations, lowering the fuel and service costs.

The GPS- enabled app is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easily accessible for drivers and operators to use. Now drivers, while on a long-distance run can inform their managers with real-time updates. Moreover, drivers can perform lengthy vehicle inspections in minutes, maximizing the vehicle uptime.

Well, that’s not the end yet. Along with these, there’s still a long list of contemporary and unique features that FleetPro offers. Below mentioned are some of the features that lubricate your fleet management:

Top Management Specific features

  • Track real-time locations of your fleet vehicles
  • Keep a record of the quantities of the product each vehicle carrying
  • Ensure the complete safety of vehicles carrying oil, gas or other product to remote locations
  • Details of parts inventory to avoid the stock-out and hence reducing the vehicle downtime
  • Right-size fleet by optimizing their usage
  • Measure the performance of drivers and productivity

Top Driver Specific features

  • Opting the best-possible and short routes to reach their destinations
  • Update managers to change predefined routes in case of traffic jams, non-operational roads or any other issues
  • Inform managers through notification when no access to the internet in remote locations

FleetPro App’s Other Essential Features:

Trips and Schedules

FleetPro enables managers to predefine the schedules and trips of their fleet vehicles, and to keep a detailed record of each vehicle for every trip.

Define Routes, Places and Stops

The app allows managers to mark regular routes of vehicles from mines & refineries to their destinations. They can also geo-fence the areas and define places for drivers to take halts and rest.

Vehicle Management

The feature gives a clear visibility to the availability and occupancy of vehicles, making it easier for managers to arrange substitutes, in case of vehicle failures.


The Fleet, serving the energy sector, always needs to be compliant and safe for long distance trips. Get timely alerts of necessary compliances and vehicle servicing.

Quick Vehicle Inspection

Lengthy vehicle inspection, sometimes leads to overlooking of some small issues, and little ignorance may harm you lot. But FleetPro allows drivers to perform the inspection in minutes, and immediately inform managers of any leakage or any other fault.

Enhanced Security

Mined and petroleum products are high-priced and there is always a threat of theft. But FleetPro assures maximum security, as you can keep a detailed record of the product being delivered.

Track Drivers’ Behavior

Large containers with petroleum products need professional and safe hands, especially while taking them to crowded places. Hence, ensuring the maximum road safety, FleetPro alerts managers for every careless driving activity be it rash driving hard-breaking, phoning, excessive speeding, etc.

For Measured Performance

It allows you to generate exportable and detailed reports of every trip. You can easily assess the drivers’ performance and rate them accordingly.

Business Benefits

With all the above mentioned and many more exciting features, it is clear that FleetPro is a robust tool to make your fleet operations go seamlessly. Below mentioned are some of the benefits for the effective management and maintenance of the fleet of Oil, Gas and Mining sector-

  • Complete visibility of workforce and assets
  • Improve productivity and lower down costing
  • Enhanced driver and road safety
  • Optimize fleet operations
  • Maximize the uptime for optimum utilization of resources
  • Paperless records of drivers and vehicles
  • Differentiate between the expert and average drivers
  • Extended vehicle life
  • Stay Compliant
  • Reduce costs

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A GPS-enabled fleet tracking app, FleetPro keeps the fleet managers connected with their drivers out in the field in real-time.

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