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Magnificent performance of your Ambulance fleets for the meticulous job of saving lives

Ambulances play a critical role in safeguarding the public 24x7. In each city of the world, almost every minute someone needs emergency medical help and calls for an ambulance.

Operating at such high levels of dependability, the hospital management can’t afford to have their ambulance fleets disorganized. They need to manage them with meticulous efficiency, but in doing so, they face challenges like:

  • Remaining up-to-date on fleet vehicle statuses in real-time
  • Identifying the closest ambulance to a patient’s location
  • Monitoring the health of the cars, vans, and any vehicle being used as an ambulance
  • Tracking the driver behavior in real-time
  • Monitoring and reducing fuel consumption to cut costs
  • Compliance management

At the same time, the drivers too face plenty of challenges, like:

  • Making the ambulance available to the needy patients on time
  • Managing routine vehicle inspections, which are usually lengthy
  • Sharing information with the management in real-time
  • Route optimization: avoiding busy routes and taking the shortest ones to reach hospital asap
  • Getting precise directions to pick-up locations/address of the patients

What the hospital management and the driver need is an easy-to-use, lightning fast responsive system for managing the fleet and its associated equipment.

Enter Basecamp FleetPro for Ambulance Fleets. Built on a robust platform, this GPS-enabled two-way communication app offers wide range of benefits for all the stakeholders involved. It keeps the management updated on the vehicle location and driver behavior in real-time, allows tracking fleet’s fuel efficiency to improve driving habits and reduce fuel use, and helps keeping the vehicles safe & fit to use.

FleetPro for Ambulance Fleets has benefits for the drivers too, as they can avoid the busy routes and get to the patients, as well as get them to the hospital, in shortest-possible time. Besides, they can manage routine vehicle inspections & service schedules, and bring down the vehicle downtime.

Scope of application of FleetPro for Ambulance Fleets:

Basecamp FleetPro for Ambulance Fleets has a wide scope of application, as it can be used by following type of healthcare institutions that provide ambulance and emergency services:

  • Government hospitals
  • Private hospitals/clinics
  • NGOs providing healthcare services
  • Charitable social service organizations
  • Community groups
  • Any other organization which works for public benefit

Basecamp FleetPro, a power-packed app, serves all the aforementioned institutions. Take a look at its set of features:

Top Management-Specific Features:

  • Real-time as well as live map ambulance location tracking
  • Vehicle maintenance through timely service to keep it in top working condition
  • Keeping vehicles safe & compliant using inspection feature
  • Tracking fuel spend & optimizing costs through fuel management feature
  • Measuring and improving driver-productivity continuously with the help of performance dashboard

Top Driver-Specific Features

  • Taking best-possible routes through tracking feature’s live maps
  • Ensuring regular inspections, service tasks with the help of inspections & service features
  • Keeping the management informed about events in the real-time

FleetPro App’s Other Essential Features:


Allows creating as many Ambulance trips, their lists, and managing those trip lists with real-time view on the map, and maintaining detailed as well as accurate trip records including vital fleet stats.

Work Orders

Allows creating and assigning work orders for ambulance maintenance, adding reported vehicle issues, and tracking the progress through various customizable statuses.


Allows adding and managing as many vehicles from your fleet, grouping them together based on type, different geographic areas, and company departments, cost centers, etc., and scheduling them as well as drivers.


Allows scheduling and tracking Preventative Maintenance services, managing other service tasks, and keeping the vehicles current with the help of timely service as well as vehicle reminders.

Contacts/Users/Vendors Management

Allows storing & managing details of each and every stakeholder in your fleet business - your contacts, drivers, users and hospitals. You can also store photos/documents related to records, create contact reminders, etc., easily.


Allows creating, storing, and managing places that are important to your fleet business, such as fuel stations, service stations, inspection submissions, and trip-end locations. Also allows defining the scope of places through geo-fencing.


Allows managing all your fleet business’ transactions – income, collection, or related transactions, and expense related transactions - on a daily basis.


Allows managing integration with FASTag - a simple to use, reloadable tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges, its toll lists, and card recharge options easily.

Reports & Analytics

FleetPro's Reporting & Analytics feature allows you to generate and view interactive reports about your fleet data, and conduct real-time analysis of the same.

Business Benefits

Due to its plethora of exciting features, Basecamp FleetPro offers numerous benefits that help the fleet businesses with effective fleet management, optimized resources, and cost benefits, among others. Check them below:

  • Keep a close watch over each and every ambulance out in the field
  • Save more lives while saving more money
  • Lessen the response time to emergency calls by identifying the ambulance closest to it
  • Real-time directions to drivers so they can avoid heavy traffic and accidents
  • Enhance the fuel efficiency and save big on fuel costs
  • With regular service & inspections, save on operational & maintenance costs too
  • Increase the efficiency and improve overall fleet safety
  • Have automated fleet reports & enjoy informed decision making
  • Reduce the downtime & maximize vehicle utilization
  • Save time and attend more emergency calls through superior route planning
  • Have overall control over the ambulance fleet through timely updates & alerts
  • Improved decision making
  • Easily combat fraud or theft

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A GPS-enabled fleet tracking app, FleetPro keeps the fleet managers connected with their drivers out in the field in real-time.

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