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Fleet Performance Management

Track driver performance, and keep a tab on the routes taken by him, his habits such as phone usage, over-speeding, hard braking, etc., on a daily as well as monthly basis so as to put in place a strong, data-driven fleet safety system.

Daily performance

Track driver performance on a daily basis and maintain score on the driver scorecard. this helps you identify which are the performing ones and which need further coaching.

Monthly performance

Evaluate driver performance on a monthly basis, and take corrective actions (training, guidance, safety precautions, etc.) if required.

Optimize resources

Gain insight into drivers’ habits, fuel and maintenance costs, etc. and make informed decisions to make cost savings, maintaining vehicles, and improving overall fleet performance.

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A GPS-enabled fleet tracking app, FleetPro keeps the fleet managers connected with their drivers out in the field in real-time.

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