Why Indian Market Promises a Bright Future of Vehicle Telematics?

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The automotive market in India is taking a giant leap. On the contrary, we witnessed a slump in the demand that dealt a severe blow to the automobile market of the country. But still we have 7th largest automotive market in the world, and now the market has shown some signs of recovery too. Amidst these ups and downs, an upward spike has been observed in the demand of the vehicle telematics system. One of the major reasons behind this is the growing need for a digital solution for vehicle management, and the safety system surpassing the traditional locks and alarms.  

Recently, a renowned brand in delivering IT solutions carried out a survey related to the emergence, current scenario and the future of vehicle telematics in India. Some of the major findings in the survey revealed that safety & security was the top priority of almost half of the respondents. Moreover, for more than 60% of respondents ‘Driver Assist’ and ‘Safety and Security’ are the features for which they are ready to invest in vehicle telematics systems. These figures clear the clouds of suspicion looming over the heads of people regarding the inclusion of telematics technology as a waste of money. Rather such software are the best value for money, helping you save big on the management and maintenance of personal and business vehicles.  

Well, safety and driver assist are not the only operations that modern telematics systems can perform. Beyond the tracking features, these software are crafted with the latest technology that empowers people to single-handedly perform vehicle maintenance tasks and operations. It equals the efforts needed to manage a personal car or bike and a fleet of business vehicles.  

Saving time and cost is the biggest purpose of fleet owners and managers. Here automation becomes the only aid. Thus, empowering your fleet with an advanced vehicle tracking and management system, replaces the manual processes and keeps all your operations at your fingertips. This will eventually help businesses using their money and assets in other productive tasks.  

Another misconception about vehicle telematics is that it’s an expensive deal and the technology is built to serve the businesses having hundreds of fleet vehicles only. But that’s definitely not the case. Be it just a single bike or your family car, a medium sized vehicle fleet or a big setup of bulky vehicles and machinery, equipping them with a vehicle telematics solution will surely generate remarkable rise in the performance, management and safety. 

Along with this, the start of the country’s new fiscal year is just round the corner, and experts are speculating some major reforms to be implemented in order to boost the automobile sector again. This will simultaneously help the related industries to flourish. Thus, all these factors collaboratively forecast a bright future of telematics in India.  

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