Waste Collection Management and its Benefits

waste collection management

In 2014, the government of India launched a nation-wide campaign, as a step towards making this country cleaner and greener to live. Various tasks under this campaign were initiated to make cities and villages clean. Among them, waste collection and management has been a critical challenge for every municipal corporation. This task, which falls under the dirtiest of jobs, requires most noble efforts to streamline and improve the processes of waste collection and management. It includes the scheduling and maintenance of waste collection vehicles, deploying a workforce to get the jobs done, managing the expenses and revenue collections to carryout uninterrupted operations, etc.

Along with the growth of India, the mountains of waste in cities and villages are also growing at a rapid pace. The population rise and today’s lifestyle has acted as a catalyst for this massive waste production. A recent study unveiled the horrifying fact that almost 100000 metric tons of solid waste are being generated in India daily, where metropolitan cities hold the highest numbers. And the municipal bodies find it difficult to manage this waste produced. To deal with these monstrous numbers, only manpower is not sufficient. We need to partner with evolving and reliable technologies to effectively solve this issue of waste collection management.

To streamline all the operations and processes of waste collection of Municipal Corporation, GPS tracking is the smartest and most innovative solution today. Using this technology, monitoring and controlling the waste collection fleets and employees becomes an easy task for officers. Also with it, access to any information is just a click away. Till date, our write-ups have enlightened readers with benefits of embracing the GPS tracking technology for various industries. Continuing this streak, today, we are going to highlight the usefulness of GPS system in waste collection management.

Data at your fingertips

Imagine the amount of data that would be associated with the details of your city’s waste collection vehicles and employees. Now imagine accessing this data on daily basis. Well that seems to be a chaotic and cumbersome process. But what if the entire fleet info is accessible at your fingertips? Sounds good but impossible. Not actually. This can be done with a GPS-enabled Fleet Management Software. Such software allow the managers or municipal officers to save the information of vehicles, their drivers and all employees deployed for waste collection on a common and digital platform. This platform enables them to conveniently fix the schedule of vehicles and employees too.

Along with this, the software comes with an actionable dashboard that allows managers to allot new tasks to employees, deploy vehicles and employees to any location, manage work orders, etc. Moreover, through a live interactive map, the managers can not just monitor the location of vehicles and employees, but can stay connected with them anywhere. The status of any trash carrying vehicle can also be monitored – whether moving or idle.

Stats like fuel logs, daily distance covered, halts, and areas of operation can also be retrieved for an individual vehicle with just a single click. Apart from this, maintenance of fleet vehicles, especially those deployed for the work like garbage lifting, adds more complexities to the task of fleet officers. Here also the fleet management software cleans up the mess. Whether the fleet is of 5, 50 or 500 vehicles, the system can store the dates of servicing and other compliances, and can generate alerts/reminders for due dates. This helps keeping the fleet always ready to serve, reducing unexpected breakdowns and downtimes.

Vehicle, and people management

Yet another feature that pops out of the fleet management’s box is quick vehicle inspection. This feature too increases the productivity of your fleet, giving longer service life to the vehicles. The vehicles having a seven-day work process are left with a narrow scope for their preventive maintenance or regular check-ups. But with these new-age fleet management software, managing officials, drivers or other employees can also perform the vehicle checkups or inspections within a few minutes.

So this was about the management of vehicles carrying trash from our house. But a clean city can’t become a reality if not partnered with the manpower. Along with vehicles, to carryout tasks a huge staff is also needed like, a team of rag pickers, people for road cleaning, maintaining proper drainage system, taking care of city’s green belt, and many more. These are the tasks that can’t be accomplished by using any vehicle or technology, but can be monitored by the use of emerging GPS technology – employee tracking system.

Productivity tracker

Through Employee Tracking software, tasks such as employees’ performance, attendance management, and daily tasks can be single-handedly managed, which cuts the chaos and helps corporation save time, money and resources. Deploying the right team at right place and time can be easily done through the live map feature.

Geo-tagged attendance and selfie-tagged proofs are the features that establish transparency within the system, where managers can ensure the accomplishment of working hours and timely availability of employees on location. Thus, employees can’t mislead the authorities by presenting fake attendance.

An employee’s daily and overall performance can also be assessed through the Daily Performance Reports. Through this, managers can rate employees according to their productivity levels. This way the most productive employee/employees can be rewarded setting an example for whole team and motivating others to improve.

To sum up

To have a clean, green and healthy city is the ultimate goal of all civic bodies, for which they are relentlessly working. The major obstacle or challenge in achieving the dream is the proper waste collection and management, which needs municipal corporations to set up a streamlined and planned working model. This can be achieved through the use of above mentioned GPS technologies. To serve this purpose and understanding the responsibility towards our environment, Basecamp Startups came up with cost-effective and efficient technological solutions – FleetPro and Scout.

FleetPro deals with the proper management of waste collecting vehicles, whereas Scout is designed for the smooth functioning of waste collecting and cleaning employees. An easy to understand interface makes their operation a cake walk for managers and even drivers and helpers.

Adopt these path-breaking innovations to make your fleet and asset management tasks easy and effective. For detailed info about features and pricing just click on www.basecampscout.com.

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