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Mining has always been a backbone for Indian economy. India is home to almost 1531 mines and is considered among the major mineral producers, specifically for Asian region. Mining is 6000 years old in India, and over a period of time it has witnessed remarkable changes. The changes observed are not only the deposition of ores and minerals, but more significantly in method of extraction. Mining processes have evolved so much and the new practices are being introduced with the advancing technology. This technological revolution has taken the process from manual to automated. The term ‘automation’ when introduced to the industry, the job became easier, convenient and more streamlined.

The complexities of mining industry were not restricted to the extraction and finding out ores only, but were grappled with one more aspect that was overlooked for years. And it was none other than the fleet of carriers deployed by the company. Since we know that the mining industry uses huge and bulky vehicles and machineries to carry out their excavations or digging. As many the vehicles, more is difficult the task to manage and maintain them. Moreover, failing to keep them service ready may end up disturbing the deliveries, processes and thus overall business. To make the situation worse, comes the distant and remote locations of mining as far from the reach of cities and resources mining is done. Hence, fleet health and capacity become the prime need.

In order to make these mining fleet operations smooth and streamlined, the advancing technology, which we earlier talked about, comes into play. The tracking technology has crossed the milestones of tracing locations and monitoring movements, and now has entered the zones of effective management and maintenance of fleet. The tracking devices and software these days are empowered with latest features that broaden the spectrum of fleet managers’ roles and give more control over the fleet operations. Today’s write-up deals with addressing some core issues faced by fleet managers and owners, being a part of this industry. Now, let’s dig more to unearth some business benefits of equipping your mining fleet with this efficient tracking system, and know how smartly the system tackles challenges related to fleet vehicles.

Managing scattered fleet and multiple operations

This has been an important issue for managers when the fleet is managed manually. Multiple vehicles with different job orders and varied locations. These individual monitoring and staying in touch with every driver on-the-go are among the biggest challenges.  The updated tracking systems offer an intuitive dashboard that provides the maximum ease to manage and maintain a large and bulky fleet. This digital and user-friendly platform keeps all fleet details, including drivers’ info always at your fingertips. This makes both managing and monitoring fleet an easy task for the managers.

Effective scheduling of vehicles and machineries

For the fleets having their vehicles and equipment at different mining locations, it becomes difficult to keep a tab on their working schedule, and it may end up in overuse and underuse of some vehicles. Thus maintaining a proper and prior schedule is a must for fleet managers. To serve this purpose, you need your system to be equipped with an efficient software that helps managers create and maintain a calendar including the availability and occupancy status of vehicles.

Maintaining service records

For the fleet vehicles being used in this industry need to be compliant and service ready always. And usually just a one-man force to manage the entire fleet. Thus this responsibility seems like an impossible task for them. And failing to keep the vehicles up-to-date may result in heavy losses for the future. Untimely servicing may trigger issues like sudden breakdown and increased downtimes of vehicles. But the tracking setup takes care of due service and insurance dates of individual fleet vehicle and even generate alerts for them.

Vehicle checkup is yet another distinctive feature of today’s fleet tracking systems that deals with maintaining the health of your fleet. It allows managers to perform a complete checkup of fleet vehicles and machinery in just minutes. Hence it saves time and keeps your vehicles job ready, as they are required for heavy usage.

Check unofficial usage

Mining companies owning the fleet of heavy vehicles and equipment always carry a threat of getting their assets being taken for unofficial use. This can be effectively checked with an efficient vehicle tracker. Checking vehicles’ location and movement have become easier than ever, as you can mark the virtual boundaries around your vehicles. This geofence alerts the manger in case they cross it. Moreover, such Tracking solutions also alert you with idle time, wait time, etc., enabling you to keep a check on them. These together limit the area of movement for your vehicles, refrains any unauthentic usage of fleet while ultimately increasing its efficiency and productivity.

Deal with emergencies and panic situations

Travelling to the mines located at far and distant locations always carry the risk of mishaps during the journeys. Sensing and stopping accidents in advance can’t be in human reach, but smartly dealing with panic situations definitely is. Advanced vehicle tracking devices come with AIS 140 certification, which enables tracking pin-pointed locations with both GPS and indigenously developed IRNSS. The certified devices are attached to the Govt. server that keeps your location and movement under the surveillance of Govt. data servers.


Thus, these are the major fleet challenges in the mining industry that hamper the productivity of organization. And fleet being an important asset for the industry, needs an effective and result-oriented solution to address these challenges. Basecamp’s FleetPro, an advanced telematics solution, is crafted to serve your every industry-specific purpose. The inclusion of this updated technology has proved to have fruitful results. For any company, whether the fleet is owned or rented, the system can be easily installed. So, get your digital fleet expert today. For booking, demo and more information, click here.

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