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Questions to be Asked before Buying a Vehicle Tracking Device

Evolving technology has increased its involvement in our daily life, making it better, more convenient and easier. The impact of changing technological trends has revolutionized every sector, such as communication, education, agriculture, etc. One

5 Tips on What to Look for When Buying a Vehicle Tracking Device

GPS technology has gained unprecedented popularity and acceptance ever since it became available for public use. Talking specifically about the last decade or so, the technology has reached to the pocket of every single

How to Monitor Your Shared Fleet Vehicles with GPS Tracking

Cost saving and strict budget allocations are inevitable parts of fleet management for any industry or business. Since it involves high operational and maintenance costs, fleet managers have started opting for a new route

How does the Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management Works

What is Fleet Management? Before discussing the vehicle tracking, let’s throw some light on the concept of Fleet Management. In a nutshell, it is an umbrella term of having control over every aspect of

5 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking in Your Fleet Management

Global Positioning System, abbreviated as GPS, is a path-breaking technology which has made navigation easier beyond our imagination. Route optimization, vehicle tracking, accurate speed and distance calculation, and many more of its exciting features

Top Trends in Fleet for 2018

The fleet-driven businesses have witnessed tremendous growth in last few years. All this while, technology has been driving the evolution of the fleet industry. But there always are challenges of a growing business, and