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How can a Vehicle Tracking Device help in Logistic Business

Global Positioning System (GPS), the tracking technology based on satellite transmission has gained tremendous popularity since its inception. The inclusion of this technology has not only streamlined business processes, but has widened the scope

Advantages of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and GSM

The automobile technology, today, has rapidly achieved numerous milestones and has contributed a lot towards making our journeys smoother. But on the other hand, safety and security of vehicles is still a bigger challenge

Why has Field Force Tracking App Gotten So Popular?

The infusion of new technology has redefined and replaced the traditional working culture, generating more productivity, and hence better results, in lesser time. Every single dimension of different businesses is paving the way to

How to Track and Monitor your Employees Working on The Field

In every organization, the sales department hierarchy incorporates a team of salespersons/ executives headed by the Sales Manager. It is the core department of any business which is directly involved in revenue generation- with

Questions to Ask before You Buy Salesforce Tracking Software

Study of consumer behavior states that people possess an inherent property of asking questions before buying services or products – be it small or big. Particularly when talked about the Indians, the tendency of

Choosing the Right Field Force Management Software Partner is Crucial to Business Growth

We have ample of write-ups stating the need and benefits of Salesforce automation to monitor and evaluate various sales activities such as order and sales processing, lead management, interaction with clients, managing meetings, etc.

Sales Force Automation the Key to Keeping the Customer Engaged

For any business, customer engagement is the only thing that they look to target. There is a series of activities that need to be performed to keep customers engaged and make them satisfied and

Why You MUST Measure Your Sales Team’s Collective Performance

Being a sales manager, measuring your sales team’s performance is imperative for the growth of your organization. Performance assessment of individual executive may be helpful for healthy competition, but overall and sustainable development of

7 Tech Features that Improve Car Safety

The automobile industry, in today’s times is experiencing tremendous changes with each passing day. A blend of modern amenities, upgraded features and elegant designs is being introduced to the automobiles of today, especially cars.

7 things you should avoid before introducing GPS tracking to employees

In the last decade or so, the world has witnessed tremendous technological advancements. Finding applications across diverse industries, the GPS technology too has evolved and reached to every household during the same period. The