Tracking Real-Time is the Next Big Thing

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When we talk about time, we generally categorize it into past, present and future. Among all these three different periods, the present time holds the greatest importance as its events are being executed in front of us. We can even change it and control it. Whereas, the future predictions are not in our hands, and the past experiences can’t be reversed or changed. Thus, the most important becomes the present time, which in technological terms is called as ‘Real Time’. In today’s fast-paced world, every industry is looking for real-time reporting and solutions that help save time and shun losses. Now tracking technology has no different concept. Assessing the on-field activities in real time proves to be extremely beneficial for businesses.

Whether it is the vehicle or asset tracking, the real-time analysis and report sharing is the next big thing that the industry is looking up to. Real-time tracking and reporting will undoubtedly answer the bigger business problems and will help them stay ahead of the competition. Among many of the features of GPS tracking we have discussed till date, business benefits of real-time tracking will be highlighted through this blog. The impact of real-time tracking on assets and vehicles will be explained separately for clearer understanding. So, let’s find out why real-time tracking is being termed as the next big thing in the automation industry that will revolutionize the concept of tracking.

  • Real-time asset tracking

The trackers, nowadays are capable of monitoring the objects, and even humans, and sharing reports in real time. Business owners find it fruitful, as beyond just tracing their visited places, they can constantly keep an eye on sales executives’ every movement. Any issues or important information can be shared with managers in real time. As we know that the time taken for effective decision making plays a key role in leading the competition. Thus, sharing vital stats or sales reports in real time saves the time wasted in waiting and arranging periodic meetings. Another advantage of real-time report sharing is for the businesses having a presence in different cities, states or even countries. So the real-time whereabouts of any executive can be easily determined from anywhere and anytime. Based on these real-time reports, further strategies can be drafted or immediate changes can be made to the ongoing plans, considering the latest trends and customer needs.

Adding to this, real-time tracking of your on-field assets can be helpful in dealing with the issues that happen on-the-go. On-field challenges affect the productivity of the sales team. And if any of the executives face such situation, managers can easily track down the correct one in the entire sales chain, and can quickly arrange the solution for him/her.

Keeping a strict check on the sales reps is itself a big challenge for the sales managers who are mostly present in the office. But that’s not a challenge anymore, as through the real-time tracking of GPS trackers, managers can control the movement of executives by creating a virtual fence. Any executive can’t cross the area assigned to him/her. And if done so, the tracker quickly generates the alerts to the management.

This real-time tracking feature can also be used to streamline the operations of your salesforce. In case any executive is unavailable for the visit or a sudden meeting pops up, the managers, having current locations of all executives, can quickly arrange the substitute or assign the task to any of the nearby person.

These are some of the benefits of real-time tracking and reporting for the company’s salesforce. Now we will discuss the problems of managing on-wheels assets and will try to find the solutions through real-time tracking. Let’s move on to the concluding part:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

Real-time tracking becomes more crucial in the case of vehicles – whether it is managing an entire fleet or a personal vehicle. Some of the prominent advantages of real-time vehicle tracking are discussed below.

Fleet drivers regularly need to travel to unknown and distant destinations as a part of their job. Thus real-time GPS tracking becomes beneficial in many ways for carrying out such trips. Through this, the fleet managers can check each and every movement of the drivers, and can even suggest them easiest routes or can arrange the nearest help in case of sudden vehicle breakdowns. Thus, instead of assessing past & visited locations in a day’s trip, real-time tracking helps more in ensuring successful trips.

Real-time monitoring also ensures the vehicle and road safety. By constantly keeping a tab on drivers, managers can check the driving pattern and control the careless driving activities, which eventually reduces the possibility of any mishaps.

The added advantage of real-time tracking is that it helps keep a tab on fuel consumption. Among the list of complaints by fleet owners or managers, excessive fuel consumption due to unofficial vehicle usage is the most common one. The real-time tracking and advanced telematics check such activities, thus lowering down the fuel expenses.

Apart from the fleet, personal vehicle’s operations and maintenance can also be streamlined through the real-time tracking function. This effectively deals with theft threats, providing complete safety to your vehicles. In the case of vehicle lifting, the system can easily locate your stolen car or bike to help you take any action accordingly. Its revolutionary features such as ‘Geofencing’ also help keep a strict check on the movement of vehicles beyond a safe zone.

This way, real-time tracking can transform your vehicle management and elevate the standards of your business fleet operations. With the industry  witnessing advancements and changes, this real-time GPS tracking could be the next big thing. Avail the benefits of this modern innovation with Basecamp, which has over a short period of time introduced innovative technological products that are designed to make your life and businesses easier. To track your on-filed assets – car, bikes, fleet vehicles or sales reps, Basecamp has launched Autobond, FleetPro, and Scout respectively. For further details, visit

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