Ensuring Government Fleet Readiness with GPS Fleet Management Software

Government Fleet GPS Fleet Management Software

The automobile sector is amongst one of those industries that quite capably define the infrastructural development of any country. The growth in this sector is adjudged equally by the inclusion of upgraded and modern vehicles and their successful operations along with safety measures. Numerous innovations are being introduced every day to make these vehicles safer and serve better. One such path-breaking innovation that we have come across in recent years is the Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS tracking, when introduced to vehicles, marked a remarkable shift in the management of vehicles. The technology has in fact not been any less than a boon for the fleet of vehicles. It has made tracking and monitoring of fleet vehicles easier than ever. Fleet owners/managers today can actually monitor their on-field assets on a computer screen sitting in their cabin.

Since its advent, the GPS technology has undergone many advancements and started serving beyond mere tracking and monitoring. Today it is being widely used after its integration with a ‘Fleet Management Software’. Private fleet owners or fleet managers have already embraced the technology to gain complete visibility into their fleet operations. Now whenever we talk about government fleets, we observe that the use of public vehicles has increased over the period of time. But when it comes to safety and maintenance of these vehicles, we can still figure out loopholes and a big scope for improvement.

Any government department that relies on vehicles’ fleet needs to upgrade its system with a complete solution that can serve all the purposes of fleet management. Till date we have had ample of discussions about the features and functions of fleet management software. But this piece will solely focus on improving government fleet operations and how its modern features help managers to keep fleets error-free and service ready.

  • Building a safe public transport network

Looking at the increasing number of people relying on public transport, the quality of services has been enhanced recently. Moreover, the government is introducing new modes of road transportation to increase connectivity and availability of vehicles. In case of state-government run inter & intra-city bus fleet, it is challenging and equally important to keep all fleet vehicles well-equipped, maintained and fit for trips. Even a small act of negligence can claim multiple lives. The fleet management application seems to be the best fit to avoid such situations.

The system allows managers/owners to perform vehicle inspection in just minutes. Thus, in a short period the bus can be properly checked and declared ready to hit the road. This feature is particularly helpful for the intra-city bus network where the fleet managers have very less time for vehicle checkups and servicing. The software also keeps a record of servicing, insurance and other compliance schedule, and timely generates reminders in case of any due dates.

Now talking about road or highway accidents, studies reveal that careless driving is a major factor responsible for such mishaps. Though monitoring individual vehicle drivers is impossible, the fleet management software serves this purpose too, as it can track the reckless driving behavior and alert the managers to take action. This helps to safeguard the lives by avoiding accidents and checks the driving pattern, reducing breakdowns and downtimes. Thus, these are the ways that ensure the government’s public transport fleet are always road ready and well-equipped to serve longer.

  • Maintain heavy equipment and machineries

We are aware that infrastructure propels the economy of our country. Believing this, the government of India is focusing on infrastructural growth through building state/national highways, flyovers & bridges, dams, etc. These month or year-long projects involve heavy construction vehicles and machineries such as rollers, dumpers, cranes, loaders, excavators and etc. Thus, to keep these vehicles and equipment deployed to distant sites for a longer period, a robust monitoring system is required. But don’t worry, as a fleet management software can fill the gap. It offers a geofencing feature that allows managers to restrict the movement of the vehicles and machineries even when they are not around. Geofencing enables them to create a virtual boundary around the working site or area, and the system alerts the management if the driver breaches the boundary. This eliminates the risk of theft and personal use of government equipment, making them serve longer and keeping them ever-ready for carrying out tasks.

  • Efficiently manage municipal fleets

To promote the cleanliness campaign ’Swachh Bharat Mission’, the central government in India introduced an annual competition among the municipal corporations of all cities a couple of years back. Following this the municipalities have started actively working towards making their cities cleaner. Trash collection vehicles are making multiple trips in a day to serve the purpose. Here, the fleet management software can contribute too. It helps setting up a proper schedule of every vehicle and also helps follow it. This ensures that the officials know the availability and occupancy of fleet vehicles. Moreover, GPS tracking gives pin-pointed locations and movement of all vehicles on a live, interactive map, making it all the more easier to manage them.

Concluding words

Now we know how important the fleet management software is for government organizations. Any sector that depends upon its fleet, must equip it with this robust mechanism designed to enhance the efficiency, improve scheduling and boost productivity. Looking at this scenario, Basecamp has developed a cost-effective and potent fleet tracking and management software FleetPro. Basecamp is a trusted name for its technological innovations that are focused to make the lives easier, both inside four walls, as well as on the roads. Get FleetPro now or log on to www.basecampscout.com for further info.

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