Emerging Demand for Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System in India

The market of fleet management vehicle tracking systems is expected to witness a remarkable growth in the coming years. Talking about the Asian market, particularly India, people having fleet as an important part of their business have understood the need and importance of such automated systems to maintain their fleet and manage its operations. For a developing nation like India, improving transportation facilities and related infrastructure has widened the scope for improving fleet transportation. Adding to this, newly-introduced government laws for road safety are also likely to give a boost to the demand for fleet management software in the country.

But on the contrary to this positive set-up, there are some challenges India is still grappling with, especially when it comes to the traffic management and enhanced road safety. Jammed roads, and careless driving unfortunately claim many lives every year. Moreover, the problems like rising fuel costs and excessive fuel consumption have forced the fleet managers and business owners to keep a constant tab on their fleet vehicles. Thus, to ensure that the entire fleet operations run smoothly, the demand for equipping the fleet with fleet management and tracking systems is increasing.

Equipped with the latest technology like Global Positioning System (GPS), these systems allow managers to accurately track the locations and movement of fleet vehicles. So today, through this blog, we will try to list down the features offered by these fleet management system that have made them so popular among the businesses, particularly transportation and logistics, and fostered their demand to such a great extent.

Dodge choked roads and frequent traffic jams

Now this is something that could prove to be the biggest hindrance to the development of transport in the country. This is the top-most challenge the Government of India is battling with. Heavy influx of vehicles on relatively narrow streets and even national highways affects the huge and bulky vehicles. It is virtually unimaginable to take an entire fleet through these traffic jams. Such unscripted delays due to traffic jams and overcrowded places result in disturbing the delivery schedules and make customers unhappy.

To combat such situations and to make journeys smooth and ensure timely delivery, fleet management and tracking system prove to be of great importance. These systems, empowered with the potent GPS technology, give you live traffic details of the route selected to the destination. And in case of major traffic jams, these systems also suggest you the alternate and convenient routes. Thus, deploying such telematics solutions enhance the efficiency of your fleet.

Tame the increasing road accidents

Few days ago, current Road Transport and Highways Minister of India Nitin Gadkari revealed that India tops the list of deaths caused due to road accidents. Despite increasing fines for careless and drunk driving, the government is struggling to control the mortality rate due to road mishaps. The risk of such accidents increases for fleet drivers, especially during long journeys. To control such situation and to avoid any mishap, fleet managers use smarter fleet management solutions. Such systems not only track the path, but also keep a strict check on the behavior of drivers. If the software detects any of the careless driving attempts, like over speeding, hard braking, etc. it quickly alerts the managers. This can prove to be a great tool for ensuring drivers’ safety and decreasing road accidents.

Establish automated and digital system

While managing a fleet of 50, 100 or more vehicles, it becomes cumbersome for the fleet managers to monitor the vehicles’ operations and maintain the details of drivers and vehicles. The pile of paperwork along with fleet management becomes stressful, and it also opens the doors for errors. Here, the fleet management and vehicle tracking system comes to aid. Managers can easily store the entire fleet data and can keep it on their fingertips. The system also allows them to schedule the vehicles trips in a more organized way, as the system even stores the status of every vehicle – whether available or occupied.

Another time consuming task for fleet managers is regular vehicle checkups. But the fleet tracking systems have come a long way to solve this problem too. Now the managers can perform the vehicle inspections in minutes, ensuring their fleet is always road ready.

Strengthening Indian transport

In a bid to build a safer transport network, the Government of India has planned to mandate a new compliance for transport vehicles – AIS 140 certification. This certification is for transport vehicles that include college/school fleet, government/private buses, rental cars and taxis, etc. The system has certified tracking devices that offer additional safety to vehicle, driver and numerous passengers travelling. Being compliant to ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India) the AIS 140 certification empowers your fleet tracking system with:

  • GPS + SBAS location tracking
  • Connected to government server
  • Obtains information through GAGAN (Indian satellite-based augmentation system)
  • SOS emergency calling and panic button
  • Bigger storage capacity – up to 50,000 pieces of data

Save important fleet dates

The Road Transport and Highways Ministry of India has stringent rules and compliance framed for the operation of fleets. Be it transport vehicles or institutional automobiles, rental taxis or intercity buses, you need different permits and licenses for various purposes. Moreover, timely servicing is yet another factor to keep your fleet vehicles service ready. A fleet management system stores all renewal dates and alerts you in time, ensuring uninterrupted services of your fleet.

To sum up: Besides all these features mentioned above, a modern fleet management and tracking system purveys some general functionalities like route optimization, advanced fuel telematics system, and live interactive map to stay connected with drivers throughout their entire trip. Now it’s clear that managing all such tasks manually isn’t possible in any way. Hence this supports the call for making such robust systems a part of your tracking and monitoring tools. Basecamp Startups Pvt. Ltd., ahead of all, sensed these growing needs and developed the best-in-class fleet management and tracking software – FleetPro. This potent system is specifically developed to cater to the emerging demands of fleet-driven businesses. Get FleetPro today and manage your fleet in the most efficient, safest and cost-effective way.

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