How are Field Force Management Software Changing to Suit Modern Day Requirements?

Field Force Management Software

For a long period of time, sales or field force managers have shared a common problem of managing their team. Since they have not witnessed the technological evolution back then, hence they would rely on the traditional techniques. But as time passed gradually, these traditional techniques proved to be of no significance and not effective enough to combat the rising challenges in the businesses. Looking at this scenario, a revolutionary technology took the shape to redefine the concept of field force management. This technology is termed as GPS (Global Positioning System). It is a tracking technology that provides the geolocation and movement of any object. Based upon this technology field force tracking software came into existence, and catered to almost every purpose of field force or sales managers.

But now the time has again taken a major shift. This modern time has introduced businesses with new challenges, increasing competition, changing sales dynamics and growing customer requirements. Tracking locations and movements of your on-field employees or finding routes to the destination isn’t enough to make your organization gain that winning edge over the competitors. Customer satisfaction is the most important key to gain success and stay floating in this competitive era. This raised the demand for increasing the productivity of the sales force. The concept is now not restricted to mere tracking, as it now focuses on the complete management of field force and to streamline all related sales processes. To make this happen, these existing GPS trackers were introduced with new advancement and updated features to make a new-age solution to meet modern day needs.

Today, through this blog, we will try to track some of the contemporary challenges and how these updated features and add-ons of field force management software help resolving them. So let’s take a quick tour now –


Everything is going mobile in this era, especially for the on-field force of businesses. The team sometimes finds it a hindrance to their work to specially go and make attendance the punch in office, sharing the files and documents to the managers at the end of the day, etc. Same is the case with managers, as it is difficult to manage the work orders, assigning new tasks to executives on the go, and to assess their status, reports and worksheets. Just mobile tracking is not a solution to solve these modern –day challenges.

Thus an equally compatible, mobile driven solution is an absolute need to manage the taskforce activities on the field. Modern Sales force Management application perfectly understands the scenario, and hence uses mobile devices for its operation. This helps to ease out the complex process and saves a lot of time in dealing with traditional processes. Besides the executives on the field, it even allows managers to access their admin account both through the system in the office or through their mobile devices from anywhere. Now besides tracking all these processes have become hassle-free, saving a lot of time, money and resources.

Strategy building and planning

In this competitive scenario, customer-centric strategies and planning is the core objective of business board meetings. And for drafting such strategies and roll out plans, customer data, requirements and feedback plays the most important part. Earlier it used to be a part of monthly meetings that would wait for executives to collect and then share with the managers. But definitely not the case in today’s times, as the situation demands you to act real-time- serving just when the need arises, sometimes even before it. Traditional GPS enabled systems proved to be incompetent in fixing this problem. However, the contemporary field force management software brings managers and their field force on the same platform no matter where they are on the globe. The ideas, information, reports, queries, issues and such can be shared in real-time, and worked upon too immediately without the need to wait to meet and plan and strategize.

Keeping your team service ready

In parallel to the sales team, service team plays an equally substantial part to keep company’s clients happy and satisfied. Thus, the team is always active in the field for solving customers’ queries and problems. The team also needs proper management and monitoring for its seamless operations. A new and updated field force management system keeps the service team and managers connected. This helps managers to respond and resolve any customer query in relatively lesser time. Understanding the customer issues, the manager can quickly check the availability of the servicemen and deploy the particular task to the one who is nearest to the location.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Building a big, loyal and satisfied clientele is the dream of any company. And to make this dream come true customer satisfaction matters most. Today’s customers have become smarter, and the increasing competition allows them to make quick choices. Thus to gain customer loyalty, businesses need to stay responsive and connected with them. The new-age field force management software keeps your consumers in the loop of information flow. They can track their products from ordering to receiving. Any delay can be reported to the field force who can inform the customer well in advance. In case of issues, the nearest service person can be assigned to provide quick service.  Managers can check the status of deliveries, service, etc., can solve their issues, give approvals, and get feedback from customers, etc., all at that moment itself making the customer happy and satisfied. With quality products, timely deliveries and best service, repeat business and customer loyalty are sure to fall in your kitty.

The points mentioned above are some of the requirements of modern day that businesses come across. To meet such requirements, the traditional approaches or a simple GPS tracker can’t be enough. Opt for a modern solution that along with just tracking offers you a wide array of features to make your business sustain longer. Basecamp Scout is the product where your quest ends. The competent field force application that not only possesses a robust GPS system, but also gives managers 360 degrees visibility into their on-field team process and helps them manage their field teams in a better, cost-effective and time saving way. For more details log on to 

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