What are The Vehicle Tracking Software Trends in 2019?

GPS Tracking Software

The concept of GPS tracking systems is not alien anymore. Anyone using a vehicle is well acquainted with these vehicle telematics systems. After serving the purpose of tracking geographical locations for so long, the GPS technology has gone through numerous advancements and development, widening the spectrum of its usage and benefits. GPS tracking can primarily be used in two ways – for asset tracking, and for vehicle tracking. While we have discussed the former in our previous blogs, we are going to throw some light on the latter in this blog post. We’ll talk about vehicle tracking technology, its development, and discuss the on-going trends that have revolutionized this technology.

Vehicle tracking can be further classified into two types– personal vehicle tracking, and fleet tracking. Let us individually discuss the latest trends prevailing in the vehicle tracking industry.

  • Tracking trends for personalized vehicles in 2019

For the personal vehicles you own– whether car or motorcycle, a tracking system is an absolute need. As mentioned above, a GPS tracker, which was once used to trace the locations only, is capable of serving your different purposes today. Looking at the needs of modern times, new and unique features as well as new-age technology has been added to these systems. Let’s take a look at some of the technological trends that will enhance the efficiency of the vehicle telematics systems in 2019 and beyond:

  • Find a vehicle in parking lots

Parking is the most common problem faced by vehicle owners today, as the space across the world is shrinking and vehicles are increasing. Whether in office, multiplex, shopping malls, parks or theaters, it becomes chaotic and annoying to find your vehicles once parked. Thus you need an automated system to track them in a fully-packed car or two-wheeler parking. A GPS tracker does that for you. It not only traces the exact location of your vehicle, but also shows the way to it. This way you can save much of your time by avoiding searching vehicles.

  • Smart safety features

Cases of vehicle lifting have risen up in recent times, in spite of having in-built locks and safety features in vehicles. Thus, it is clear that only relying on these traditional features is neither enough, nor a wise step. The need of the hour is an advanced and updated tracking solution. Today’s GPS trackers offer new-age safety standards such as auto-ignition off or permitted user control, which restricts an unknown person from operating your car, and immediately alerts you if anyone tries to do so. Moreover, in case of vehicle theft, you can turn-off the ignition of your vehicle with just a click. Such contemporary yet reliable safety features constitute the latest trends in vehicle tracking devices.

  • Integrated AI system: Reminder for important dates

We, living in this fast-paced world of 2019, have short memories. Thus, in every aspect of life, we need a system to remind us about the important dates and events. Same is the case with important dates related to our vehicles. We usually miss the dates of vehicle servicing, insurance renewal or any other compliance, which can cause vehicle breakdowns, downtime, and attract fines or penalties. Thankfully, to deal with such a situation, the tracking technology has come a long way. This is yet another trend that elongates the list of modern vehicle tracking trends.

Now you just have to save your important dates once in the system, and leave rest upon your tracker. It will generate timely reminders if any of the dates is due. This will ensure regular servicing of your vehicle, and keeping it compliant as well. Eventually, there shall be no further breakdowns and you will always remain road-ready.

So along with tracking and finding routes, these above mentioned trends are some of the latest features that make these GPS trackers the most apt solution to safeguard your vehicle in every aspect. Now this was all about the personalized vehicles. But when it comes to the responsibility of carrying heavy loads and risk of a number of lives, the problems need a different solution – a fleet tracking software. Some of the basic features like GPS tracking, service reminders are the same as we discussed above, there are other new trends that have taken this fleet tracking beyond just tracing locations.

– Tracking trends for fleet vehicles in 2019

  • AIS 140 integration

When we talk about the safety of fleet or public transport vehicles, this new integration tops the list – AIS 140 certification. A set of rules mandated by the government of India to make the transport vehicles safer, AIS 140 certified devices integrate your vehicles with GAGAN (Indian augmentation satellite) to arrange quick rescue or help in case of an accident or any other mishap. This certification has made the devices smarter, as they come with huge memory spaces to keep the trip details. Click on this link to know more about this latest trend of 2019, AIS 140 certification.

  • Geofencing

Though this feature has been around for a while, but is likely to come-of-age in 2019 by proving to be a path-breaking feature in efficiently managing your fleet. Now you can not only monitor, but can control the movement of your fleet vehicles too. Geofencing enables managers like you to create a virtual boundary around any particular vehicle or route and gives you alerts if any of the vehicles breach it. This helps you in keeping a strict check on vehicle usage, and gives you an added advantage of saving fuel.

  • Quick inspections

Gone are the days when you would need to take the fleet vehicles to any garage or service station for their check-ups. Now your smart GPS system has brought a smarter solution for this. No matter how bulky your fleet vehicles are, managers can easily perform the inspections in minutes, and thus selecting only the fittest vehicles for the run. This lessens the risk of sudden breakdowns and shuns the possibility of any mishap to a greater extent.

  • Building smart cities

We all are aware that the government has undertaken the initiative of making our cities smarter and cleaner. To make this happen, vehicles and their proper management play a crucial role too. Thus, a smart GPS solution can be deployed by civic bodies like municipal corporations to manage and maintain their various fleet vehicles. Along with tracking their location and movement, the system can help the corporations in scheduling their trips and managing work orders effectively.

Concluding words

Till date we have discussed the general features of any vehicle tracking software. But through this blog, we have tried to introduce some of the latest trends and novel updates in this tracking technology. Besides tracking paths, checking drivers’ behavior, and maintaining fuel logs, a GPS tracker of present times can cater to your every single need pertaining to vehicle management and maintenance. Basecamp has been offering innovative solutions for making businesses smoother and smarter. To break the stereotypical approach of managing your fleet and personal vehicles, Basecamp has introduced FleetPro and AutoBond respectively- two state-of-the-art products with a new set of features.

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