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sales tracking system

The concept of including smart technologies to our daily tasks has engulfed the whole world. No working sector or industry is left behind in embracing the ongoing technological trends and new inventions. The technology has replaced the laborious work with the smart tactics to make it simpler and less time consuming. When talked about any businesses and industries, the evolution of technology has helped them grow and flourish. Whether it is production, finances, attendance of employees, or data management, it has made the manager’s role simpler and easier. Besides all these, there is one more aspect of the business, probably the most important for any business – Sales and marketing. The sales team can be termed as the backbone of any organization.

The success of any company relies on its revenue generation or turnover, which undoubtedly depends upon the performance of the sales team. Practicing older techniques or going through a stereotypical approach obstructs the productivity of the sales team, proving the incompetency of the manager to lead them. Hence, these orthodox sales processes need to be replaced with a competent technological solution to make your sales team perform result-oriented operations. And GPS tracking has been the path-breaking technology today for automating the sales processes and to manage the sales force in a better and more efficient way.

GPS tracking is not restricted to tracing locations through geographical points. Rather it can be used to manage your entire sales force, maintain important data, and allow sharing the information in real time. Thus, the inclusion of this contemporary technology has improved the sales process and eventually contributed to the company’s growth. Here we came to know the importance of a ‘Sales Tracking Software’ for any business. Now the later part of this write-up shares the features of such sales tracking systems, and how they can cater to various organizational needs along with achieving its sales goals and targets –

  • Monitor every visit

The sales executives have much of their presence on the field for appointments or visits. Thus, for such an organization, it is difficult to track down the actual location of every executive. Neither it is possible for managers to get the location updates by calling them every time, nor is it appropriate to trust them blindly always. Thus, the solution is here. The admin account of a sales tracking software can keep an eye on the location and movement of the geographically scattered executives in real-time.

  • Restrict false reporting and attendance

Activities of false reporting and fake attendance are a common thing in almost all sales teams. Taking the undue advantage of being on the field all the time; the executives, sometimes, mark themselves active on the field, whilst actually they are not. Such incidents, when occurred more often, affects the productivity of the organization. Hence to control such incidents, the sales tracking software introduces geo-tagged proofs and selfie attendance. So, executives can send their selfie tagged proof, ensuring their presence on the field and working. The option of geo-tagged attendance is of great utility for executives too. Now they can register their attendance from the point where they start working. No need to come to the office for just attendance punch. Such smart features save time, and make your sales force focus on important tasks, boosting productivity eventually.

       (c) Effective task scheduling

It is usually easy for managers to assign pre-decided meetings to the executives. But what about the unscripted ones? Now this becomes a real challenge to find the execuHow empowering your sales team with a sales tracking software boosts its performance and company’s growth? Click the link below to get answer.tive to attend it. Here the manual technique of getting the locations of all executives, picking the nearest one and assigning him/her the task may consume a lot of time, and eventually end up losing the important lead. The sales tracking software comes to rescue here. Through the live interactive map you can monitor the accurate locations of your on-field executives, and can immediately assign the task to any of the nearest representatives. And the entire process takes just minutes to execute. This helps you to respond faster to your customers/prospects, ensures accomplishing timely visits or meetings, elevating customer’s confidence in you and thus business.

  • Quick sharing of reports

One of the features of sales tracking software that raises the standards of the sales process is real-time report sharing. Gone are the days when you would wait for monthly or weekly meetings to discuss your sales reports and data of meetings. In this fast paced world, executives can share the meeting reports and details with the management in real-time. These new sales tracking systems allow them to attach the files and upload them. This helps you understand ongoing trends and customer needs and to formulate plus execute the future plan quite before your competitors. Eventually, offering the products/services customers need just when they need it, growing sales and profitability.

  • Finding loopholes in your sales team

Today’s sales tracking software systems, apart from just tracking, have a lot more to deliver. Traditionally, it was difficult for managers to track the underperformers in your sales squad, and everyone was held responsible for a slump in the sales figures. But now managers have the detailed performance reports of all the executives and can easily differentiate between the achievers and underperformers in the team. Thus, the top performers can be appreciated with some rewards or incentives, giving motivation to rest of all to make improve their performance. While under-performers can be given additional support, help or training etc., to help them come at par with the expectations. Such performance assessment leads to healthy competition that not only enhances the overall performance of your team, but boosts the company’s growth too.

Concluding words

Such benefits of a sales tracking software make it a must-buy for any organization. In the era of this cut-throat competition, such systems give complete visibility of your sales team process, improve them and give fruitful results to the organization. Scout by Basecamp is the best tracking solution, as it a pocket-friendly package of updated and modern features, enabled with GPS tracking. It is an absolute value for your money deal. Thus, for a streamlined sales process, equip your sales squad with the only trusted name in GPS tracking, Basecamp Scout.

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