GPS Tracking Systems- New Age in Tracking Devices!

GPS Tracking Systems

Case 1- Mr. A runs a fleet business. He manages the complex process of routing and assigning jobs to his fleet drivers using only paper. And once his drivers leave for their voyage, he hears from them only when they return back, which can take days and may be even weeks.

Case 2- Mr. B runs a sales-driven business, and has employed a number of salespersons in his team. He assigns them tasks either verbally, or through paperwork in the morning every day, and then anxiously waits for them to return back with their sales numbers for the day. Once they arrive in the evening, he collects the data from the employees on paper, compiles it, and then sits till late to analyze it. The same process repeats every day.

Case 3- Ms. C is a doting mother of a recently-turned adult daughter. She has apprehensions regarding her daughter’s driving skills, and often stops her from using the car. But the daughter takes the car out whenever the mother is not around, sending her in panic mode till the time she doesn’t get back home.

What is common in all three cases? Fear, anxiety, panic, stress etc. can all be the answers. But what exactly is triggering these extreme emotions? The answer is the absence of a real-time tracking mechanism, which can update Mr. A with the real-time location of his fleet vehicles, can tell Mr. B whether his salespersons are actually on a sales call or somewhere else besides saving his time by making his job paperless, and can end Ms. C’s sleepless nights by giving her real-time updates on her daughter’s as well as car’s location.

Enter GPS tracking systems

Thankfully, all these cases are from the past — or more specifically, from the pre-GPS-tracking system era. The days are long gone now when the fleet managers, the sales managers, and many other parents like Ms. C had no other option but to anxiously, and yet patiently, wait for updates on their fleets, salespersons, and loved ones respectively. Thanks to technology like GPS (Global Positioning System) which today has wide application across industries, it has become easier for them to keep a track of fleets, salespersons, and other vehicles.

The GPS tracking technology is basically a method of determining the exact location of a person or thing which it is integrated with through a GPS tracking system. The technology can easily track the system and determine its real-time location & time via network satellites in the orbit. GPS tracking systems are flexible, and can be placed in a vehicle, on a smartphone, or on any other GPS device which is stationary or mobile in nature. Since it can provide the information on the exact location and also the movement of a person or vehicle, a GPS tracking system is being widely used by different industries as well as individuals these days.

So now going back to the three case scenarios we started with, Mr. A can use a GPS vehicle tracking system installed on his fleet vehicles to monitor the route and progress of his fleet vehicles and drivers anytime and anywhere; Mr. B can use a GPS tracking system to track his field force in real-time and improve sales efficiency; and lastly parents like Ms. C can check the real-time location of the car/two-wheeler driven by their child, and also their well-being. This has become possible as GPS technology has evolved over the years, and has become more commonplace. One example of the same can be the technology’s integration with smartphones, which enables tracking the location of anyone carrying a GPS-enabled smartphone. No wonder the technology is being extensively used by business owners, and parents.

The new age in tracking devices!

As discussed before, the GPS technology, through the GPS tracking systems, has over the years made its way into the mainstream use. It is still going through improvements, and becoming more advanced with time. Let’s take a look at how the new-age GPS tracking systems look like and function:

For fleet/other vehicles: GPS vehicle tracking systems usually come as a combination of a hardware device, which can be easily installed to the vehicle, and a software application, which can be installed on the smartphone. Such systems have become an integral part of all the businesses that involve the use of the fleet. Empowered by the use of latest technology such as Telematics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) among others, the modern-day GPS vehicle tracking systems are extremely critical not just for improving the business efficiency, but also for ensuring safety on the roads. Apart from real-time tracking of fleets and drivers, some of its other benefits include optimized resources, fuel monitoring, improved efficiency & safety, reduced costs, and compliance management, among others.

Besides, GPS vehicle tracking systems also allow users to manage all aspects of their personal vehicles such as a car, motorcycle, etc. Such systems keep the users connected to the vehicle, giving instant access to its valuable insights on their smartphone through their ‘smart’ & contemporary features such as live online as well as offline vehicle tracking, emergency alerts, anti-theft alerts, SOS alert, live vehicle status, driving behavior analysis, and service & insurance due reminders, among others.

For field force: GPS tracking systems for field force management keep the sales managers in close co-ordination with their field sales team in real-time. It acts as a location tracker app for the managers, who can check, track and get notified of their team’s activities, anywhere & anytime. Some of the modern features of such systems empower the managers to digitize their field force’s working – right from marking attendance from a remote location, geo-location tracking, task management, role management, digital forms, to reports etc.


Basecamp provides a suite of GPS tracking systems (package of hardware devices & software Apps) for the iOS, and Android users. The Apps, designed for tracking small & large fleet businesses (FleetPro), managing field force (Scout), and personal vehicles (AutoBond), can be used to track the vehicles/drivers/salespersons, streamlining the business operations, and improving the overall business efficiency. Write to us to know more about how our offerings can transform your businesses.

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