Do a Visible Sales Tracking Board Have a Positive Effect on the Sales Team?

Visible sales tracking board is nothing but a set of tools applied to have a greater visibility into your sales processes and to assess the performances of sales representatives. Right from the attendance to the leads generated, sales tracking board keeps track of all the records and insights of your sales team. This helps managers to draft effective and fruitful sales strategies that boost the productivity of the team, and to track and rectify the loopholes in your sales hierarchy. A competent sales tracking dashboard not only works retroactively, but also provides real-time functionalities such as, reporting, location tracking, getting status of any representative and to allocate tasks.

Equipping your sales force with a competent tracking tool brings a range of benefits for your business. The one time investment can result in saving your money, time and resources that you invest in executing traditional sales tracking methods. Today, through this blog we are going to highlight some top features of Sales board of a sales tracking software and their beneficial gains to your business –

  • Daily reporting

Getting daily sales analytics is the key for managers to have higher sales growth. By keeping a tab of daily activities, managers can make or change the plans and strategies based upon these reports. Daily reporting is a two-way communication that allows the sales representatives to keep their higher authorities updated with the real-time happenings and problems on the field. This data gets immediately updated on the Sales Board, helping managers quickly identify the problems or help needed, providing it to the representative just-in-time. This improves their morale and results too.

  • Manage and covert leads

Along with the tasks assignment, a visible sales tracker displays the status of any job. Through this, managers can have daily insights about the prospects and their conversion to customers. The sales tracking system allows executives to keep a tab of all prospects or leads and store their current status, such as closed or in progress, along with the remarks. Analyzing that managers can differentiate among the prospects and can focus on helping executives to close complex deals. This eventually improves the sales figures helping executive meet their targets and earn incentives.

  • Finding the loopholes in your team

The impact of each executive’s performance can be seen on the overall sales figures. For any sales manager it is difficult to identify the less-performing asset among all. Thus, the whole team is held responsible for the results – good or bad. But a visible sales tracker, along with sales figures and statistics, makes it easier for the managers by automating the process of analyzing and comparing the performances, which inturn helps them to motivate the under-performers and thereby improve them.

  • Generating healthy competition

This visible sales tracking software helps managers to promote a healthy competitive working environment among the employees. Since a tracking system efficiently stores the records and work details of all representatives individually, hence these performance data can be used to rate the employees. This visible platform comparess the performances on various benchmarks such as the number of deals closed, number of meetings in a specific period, attendance of employee & total on-field presence, etc. Based on these figures managers can rate the employees and the top performers can be rewarded.

The core purpose of such competition among the reps is to boost the overall sales performance and boost executives’ productivity to perform better and generate results.

  • Tracking locations

One of the most prominent features of this visible sales tracker application is the tracking of employees. Managers always struggle to find the exact location of executives – whether active on the field or idle at home or a café, movie or anywhere. And reps taking undue advantage of this shortcoming mislead their management by presenting fake meeting details or reports. That’s where the sales tracker play’s an important role. Enabled with GPS, the exact location of the executives can be tracked anytime and the time spent during the meeting can also be tracked.

Such visible sales stats are vital for business growth and ease out the manager’s tasks and the team’s as well. These sales tracking software streamline the entire sales processes, elevating the results and boosting productivity. Basecamp being the home to all such innovations, presents scout, your partner for achieving sales growth. With the range of tracking tools, Basecamp Scout is undoubtedly the best manager of your sales force yielding effective sales results.

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