How can a Vehicle Tracking Device help in Logistic Business

vehicle tracking for logistic business

Global Positioning System (GPS), the tracking technology based on satellite transmission has gained tremendous popularity since its inception. The inclusion of this technology has not only streamlined business processes, but has widened the scope of transparency in its operations. No one would have ever thought that the technology that was introduced with the aim to serve US military, will be used to track people, asset and vehicles, and will become an important tool for businesses to have better management.

Well, GPS technology has come a long way, and is being used for smoothening various business operations, get deeper business-insights and improve decision making. One such business stream that majorly relies on this tracking technology is Logistics. It plays a substantial role in lubricating trade and ensuring the organization’s success. But in present times, the Logistics industry is facing multiple issues owing to the factors like changing consumer expectations/demands, increasing operational cost, complex business models, etc. Moreover, increasing demand for supply chain visibility and maintaining transparency in logistics lexicon are only worsening the pain.

But as we know that logistics business operations are heavily dependent on their moving asset (vehicles) that play an important role in managing and streamlining all processes. Thus, vehicle or fleet management becomes an absolute need for Logistics business to effectively deal with their challenges. Let’s figure out first the issues faced by the business into Logistics due to their fleet –

Increasing transportation cost

Sky-rocketing fuel prices, increased wages, growing vehicle breakdowns and downtimes, and wastage of resources have collaborated in peaking the transportation and maintenance cost for business and has become a major challenge for fleet managers to deal with.

Various compliance and regulations

Maintaining road rules, compliance and multiple regulations is an important factor for smoother logistics business operation and management. But as we know that these compliance and transport regulation vary with different cities, state and even countries, thus, these changing rules pose a grave challenge for fleet managers in the way of serving a geographically diversified clientele and to retain them.

Increasing demand for customized and segmented services

Due to increasing globalization, managers are expected to monitor multiple supply chains at the same time. Additionally, increasing market competition and availability of various substitutes and options have reduced the customer loyalty to a greater extent, and has developed a new challenge of customer retention in front of managers. Thus, in order to retain customer and to maintain a loyal clientage, businesses are more focusing towards increased customer satisfaction through customized and targeted de livery experience. But to make this possible, better fleet management is required.

Looking at these growing issues with the Logistics business, and assessing the present scenario, a competent technology is the only fix for all the problems related to the fleet. And it is none other than the present tracking technology. Today’s fleet management systems empowered with GPS come with an array of exciting features that help businesses in combating all such challenges and blessing them with improved and streamlined fleet operations. So let’s have a quick look at the features of a vehicle tracking device and how it helps in Logistics Business –

Real-time tracking

Accurate and pin-pointed locations of vehicles can be tracked down anytime and anywhere. Thus, fleet managers, sitting in the office, can easily gauge the movement and location of a geographically distributed fleet.

Route optimization

Travelling to distant and unknown locations is no more a challenge for fleet drivers, as better route planning can be done through a GPS tracking device. With live traffic details, it suggests the best and the safest route to the destination, saving your resources and more importantly, time.

Improved fuel management

As we discussed about the increasing transportation cost above, GPS tracking of vehicles can solve the dual purpose of managing fuel costs and adding transparency to the fuel usage. A GPS tracking device presents exact details of distance covered by a particular fleet vehicle, and also keeps a tab on the fuel consumption. Thus, there’s no chance of fuel theft or drivers using the fleet vehicles for their personal usage.

Reduce breakdowns and downtimes

Fleet managers can perform regular vehicle inspections ensuring the vehicle to be well-maintained everytime. This reduces the frequent breakdowns of vehicles, eventually contributing to timely deliveries and increasing service-life of vehicles.

Improved vehicle scheduling

Real-time location, movement and route of a particular vehicle can be traced on a live interactive map, through this GPS tracking device. This helps managers in scheduling the further fixtures and plan trips for the vehicles assessing their availability and occupancy status. This improved scheduling helps in optimizing the resources and taking operational costs down.

Keep fleet vehicles compliant

Cross-border travelling of vehicles is frequent for logistics businesses, and thus they need to keep their vehicles always in compliance with the changing transport rules of various cities and states. And in case of crossing national boundaries, these compliance part becomes more stringent. A fleet tracker helps in saving the renewal dates and generates timely alerts preventing them to expire.

So, these are some of the updated features of a new and improved vehicle tracking devices, which not only tracks the locations but has expanded the spectrum of its services and helps you in better management of Logistics business. But selecting the best one among the pool of options present, becomes a dilemma for fleet managers. But the answer is Basecamp FleetPro. Basecamp is home to many such technological innovations, and FleetPro is one such result of cutting-edge technology that helps managing, tracking, monitoring and controlling fleets in the easiest of ways. So, equip your logistics fleet with Basecamp FleetPro and start tracking the results from day one.

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