Advantages of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and GSM

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

The automobile technology, today, has rapidly achieved numerous milestones and has contributed a lot towards making our journeys smoother. But on the other hand, safety and security of vehicles is still a bigger challenge when it comes to dealing with any panic situations. Hence, vehicle tracking becomes important and an absolute need to ensure safer drives and trips. These tracking devices, as we know, use GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to monitor the location and movements of any vehicle. But nowadays the dynamics have changed and hence the GPS technology is coupled with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology of mobile communication that helps these devices track the vehicle and instantly arrange aid, in case of emergencies.

The inclusion of the blend of these two path-breaking innovations for vehicle safety has redefined the security of vehicles and provide a quick and assured solution to deal with any mishap or panic situation. Both the technologies are available in the updated tracking devices that offer an easy installation.

As far as the business fleets are concerned, the technology proves to be an innovative step to attain a higher safety level. These latest devices come with in-built SOS panic button to alert the emergency services in case of any emergency. The government of India taking a step towards enhanced safety of the citizens by mandating the tracking devices to be AIS 140 approved, specifically in case of institutional buses or taxis, intercity and intracity transport vehicles, local cabs and taxis, and many more. The advantages of using such contemporary tracking tool are many including –

Emergency services on alert  

Accidents may occur anytime, even when the vehicle is idle. The problem is more sensitive for fleets of school, institutions, ambulance or public transport as they carry the responsibility for multiple lives. Thus in case of any panic situation, the tracker enabled with GPS and GSM comes handy in arranging a quick aid. The panic button, when pressed, immediately alerts the emergency services like police, ambulance or fire brigade for the rescue. Where the device, through GPS technology helps in tracking the pin-pointed location of the vehicle, GSM is able to track remotest points like cave, deep valleys, enabling proactive response to the situation.

Large Memory

Another advantage of equipping your fleet with these devices is the increased memory size to store a large amount of GPS data, allowing managers to review history details sometimes up to two months old also. On average these devices empowered with GPS and GSM technology stores 50000-80000 pieces of data.

Anti-theft and other safety features

To provide the maximum security to your personal as well as fleet vehicles, these tracking devices are empowered with the features like an anti-theft alarm that alerts the owner in case of toeing, lifting, mishandling, etc. Allowing the user to turn off the ignition from its mobile- again thanks to the GPS/GSM technology. Moreover, Geofencing creates a safe virtual boundary around the vehicle and GSM helps generate alerts when the geofence is breached. Moreover, this vehicle tracking system is smart enough to automatically turn vehicle AC, and give alert for open doors.

Real-time tracking

The GPS enabled device excels in tracking the vehicle locations in real-time. Thus, now fleet managers or owners can easily find their moving assets anytime-anywhere. Additionally, it allows drivers to select the best possible route to a destination along with live traffic details.

Well, that’s not the end, as this vehicle tracking system equipped with GPS and GSM technologies has a long feature-list, covering every domain of fleet management. This modern device is a result of intelligent technology providing more safety to the daily trips and long journeys of your fleet vehicles.

So, if you want to safeguard your fleet operations, it’s a perfect time to take a call for upgrading your tracking devices. Basecamp understands this need of yours and hence crafted advanced devices for complete protection of your vehicles. Autobond, for personal vehicles and FleetPro, for fleet management tracking. make a choice today and make the smartest move of equipping your vehicles with new, smarter and more efficient technology.

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