Why has Field Force Tracking App Gotten So Popular?

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The infusion of new technology has redefined and replaced the traditional working culture, generating more productivity, and hence better results, in lesser time. Every single dimension of different businesses is paving the way to technological advancements to give rise to a smarter work environment. Among many business facets, sales is regarded as the most important one and is majorly responsible for the organization’s revenue generation. Changing consumer dynamics and increasing competition now demands the replacement of old-school strategies of sales and field force management. Gone are the days of conducting monthly meetings for task distribution, manual data handling and reporting, and managers being clueless on status of work and field executives.

In a bid to combat all such issues, a term has been coined with the dawn of this new technological era – Automation. Typically for sales, ‘Sales Automation’ refers to a system that automates and simplifies sales processes, making it convenient for both manager and sales executives to promote smooth working along the hierarchy. Such Sales Automation systems have not only lubricated the management of teams of on-field executives but have taken sales and productivity of organizations to new heights when empowered with one of the greatest innovations till date – GPS technology. With the global positioning system, or simply tracking technology, people can easily track the objects present globally. And undoubtedly this has redefined the sales processes and related mechanism for any organization.

Within a short span of time, this tracking technology has gained tremendous popularity among businesses. This increasing demand for a competent GPS system has attracted many large and small tech companies to launch their trackers in the market. But, there are many questions to ponder related to this tracking technology, such as what made businesses turn towards these tracking systems and software? What are the beneficial gains of having these tracking apps? And today, we will try to track the answer of what reasons have basically made this technology so popular in field force management –

  • Reducing time-to-market

Global presence of your company and consumers not just brings success, but also comes with its own share of challenges and responsibilities to maintain the timely delivery of your services or products. And as we know, customer retention is comparatively more demanding and difficult than making new ones. At the same time, serving your existing clientele is chaotic due to the involvement of manual processes such as gathering customer reviews and feedbacks, assessing them, understanding their needs and issues, and customizing your products or services accordingly, which is ultimately followed by the delivery to consumers. This time-consuming process may result in losing customers.

But with the automated processes and field force management systems, you can curtail these long steps and shorten your time-to-market. You can quickly store the reviews and feedbacks digitally and share them with the management in real-time, which means there’s no need to wait for sales meetings to share the data. So, by the time you would otherwise only plan it manually, you will actually start working on it with a field force tracking system.

  • Global structure of the organization

The market is an ocean of opportunities for any product or service. Thus, sales is not confined to any local area or a city. Businesses today strive to expand their presence in multiple cities, states or even beyond the national boundaries. But more you expand, more complicated gets the hierarchy. Places differ in many aspects, such as their work culture, holidays, working hours and time zones. Thus, managing and monitoring different teams working in different cultures, places, time zones etc., becomes a hard nut to crack. Moreover, manual reporting and traditional processes just add to your complexities.

But a competent field force tracking and management system is the solution. Irrespective of any location or shift, managers can easily gauge the activities and developments of a particular team or even an employee in real-time. Management can keep a track of their official visits through geo-fencing, assess their performance using different metrics, and even share the performance reports with the teams, present in any part of the world, in no time.

It is also of great help to the field force reps, who now don’t need to go to the office just to log in and then make a quick dash to the location of the sales visit. They can easily mark their attendance via geo-location from anywhere with the use of time-stamped selfies. This helps the sales force use their time optimally, and make most out of it so that they can increase their efficiency and fit in more sales calls in a day.

  • Imbalance in demand-supply chain

With many startups and businesses mushrooming every year, customer loyalty and retention has become a serious concern for companies. As supply has outgrown the demand, your smallest mistake can make your customer switch to your competitor. Thus, you need to be very prompt and proactive while understanding and delivering what they need.A field force tracking app can help you in this by giving you the speed, power and agility to quickly take orders from your customers and get them fulfilled well on time by sharing the order details in real-time even when you are still in field; no need to wait till the day-end, or in case of tours wait to reach the office to place the order. A field force tracking system makes your field force deliver on-time that keeps your customers happy and satisfied.

  • Responsiveness and quality services: New currencies for businesses

It is well said that you don’t gain customers with just your products, but you earn them through your responsiveness and better services. The more responsive you are, the greater are the chances of your customers being loyal towards your brand. But lack of responsiveness is the most common underlying problem these days.

Sometimes buyers need a lot of information from salespersons for final decision making, and they want it quick. Thus, you need to keep your sales force engaged with your customers and prospects whenever they want. And a sales force management application can help you schedule your sales force smartly. Additionally, continual education about both customer and company’s products come under responsiveness. Studies reveal that customers are dissatisfied with the expertise about their company and its products shown by their salespersons. So, don’t wait for monthly meetings or gatherings, as your tracking system enables your sales force to stay updated on product knowledge and quickly solves their queries through a shared platform. Such field force management app also helps your managers/team to respond quickly to the customer on their queries related to deliveries, status, etc. Giving them confidence in your brand and thus their loyalty.

To sum up

These were some of the prominent reasons why field force automation system have gotten so popular with the sales managers as well as the reps. Use of such systems is enabling more and more businesses to track their field force for their proper management and increased business productivity. The fruitful gains from such systems justify their increasing popularity among the organizations. We understand these needs and hence came up with ‘Basecamp Scout’, a field force tracking application which is a result of cutting-edge technology. With numerous updated features, coupled with GPS tracking, Scout is undoubtedly the best tracking solution for managing your field force. Try it today.

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