Advantages of Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Inspections

With the “Make in India” campaign, India is rapidly progressing on the path of development. Every industry is being nurtured and flourished, and is contributing towards building a stronger nation. Especially, industries such as Construction, Agriculture, Transport, Mining, etc. are experiencing exponential growth. But these industries are routinely dependent on heavy equipment and large vehicles, and whether leased, rented or owned, preserving and regularly maintaining such heavy equipment increases their lifespan. However sometimes, while having regular usage of this machinery and vehicles, maintenance and servicing are overlooked, which in turn takes a toll of your bottom line.

Thus, the only solution to make your equipment and fleet vehicles serve you longer is to take regular care of them through routine inspection. This process surfaces every potential issue of your heavy equipment. But, when talked about the large fleets and huge vehicles and machinery, the regular inspection seems to be chaotic and time-consuming. That’s where the newest technologies come to aid. A fleet management system is beneficial in many ways when it comes to tracking of your fleet or maintaining your mechanical workforce. Enabled with GPS technology, the system easily tracks the location and movement of your large fleets. Besides this, such fleet vehicle tracking system allows you to manage and maintain your fleet vehicles and heavy equipment through quick and easy inspections, manage a record of vehicles and machinery, store and alert about the important dates and quite more.

So, let’s take a quick look at how Fleet tracking system helps to maintain your bulky fleet vehicles and heavy equipment, and also highlight some advantages of their routine inspections – Avoid accidents and limit safety issues

Making fleet management and tracking system your team member is of great use. Safety becomes an important issue, especially when you are associated with industries like construction, mining and transport, and dealing with heavy equipment is your regular job. In such scenarios, regular maintenance of your heavy setups and keeping them always working becomes paramount. With a fleet management system managers can easily perform regular inspections and can timely report the issues before deploying it for any task. This lessens the chances of any mishaps due to sudden failure or breakdown of heavy vehicles and equipment failure while they are in operation.

Ensure longer service

Regular maintenance or routine inspection is the key to make your heavy vehicles and equipment serve longer. And particularly, for the fields like construction, agriculture, mining, etc. the purchase cost of heavy equipment and vehicles is too high, and hence it seeks more returns on investment. Thus a fleet management system helps you to make the optimum use of your vehicles and equipment.

Decreases Downtime

The productivity of your workforce majorly depends on the efficiency of your heavy equipment and fleet vehicles. Frequent downtimes decrease the performance and hence gives rise to operational and maintenance overheads. Regular inspections and maintenance programs elevate the health of your large fleets and heavy equipment and always keep them service-ready avoiding downtime or equipment failure.

Boost your resale value

Change is the only permanent thing. And when it comes to vehicles and machinery, new developments and updates are being introduced every day. Thus, if you are planning to switch to any newer technology – be it your mechanical equipment of large fleet vehicles, resale of older ones becomes crucial and makes your new purchases budget-friendly. But the amount or resale value, as we know totally depends upon the performance and condition of the product. The value of any equipment or vehicles starts plummeting right from the day you start using them. But through timely maintenance and regular inspections, you can bid a handsome deal while reselling.

So, these were some of the advantages of having regular maintenance sessions and inspections of heavy industrial equipment and huge fleet vehicles. And the task has become much easier and smoother with the inclusion of fleet management and tracking system incorporating a software and tracking device. Basecamp promotes and value such fruitful innovations and thus, has developed Basecamp FleetPro, a fleet management and tracking system with GPS technology. Besides tracking, it enables easier maintenance of fleet vehicles and heavy equipment. You can also export the inspection and performance reports for improved decision making.

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