How to Track and Monitor your Employees Working on The Field

In every organization, the sales department hierarchy incorporates a team of salespersons/ executives headed by the Sales Manager. It is the core department of any business which is directly involved in revenue generation- with the sales executives mostly found working on the field – to crack any deal or to pitch a new customer. While managers in office continuously track the movement and productivity of their on-field assets. But doing this task of tracking their salespersons anytime and anywhere that too sitting in the office, becomes a challenge for managers. And this situation gives rise to a cat-and-mouse game between the manager and on-field executives. Managers try to gain control on their on-field team and check their every single movement or activities following some traditional tricks, like calling them anytime to know their status or making attendance punch in office mandatory, etc. But now the times and dynamics are changing drastically, and following these outdated practices may decrease your field force productivity and performance.

Hence today, the businesses are going smarter and more innovative. One technology that is being widely used these days is GPS – global positioning system. And integrated with this tracking technology, many companies have developed “Sales tracking software” for improved management of the on-field team. Such applications have made it a cakewalk for managers to effectively manage and monitor the activities of their salesforce. A GPS enabled Salesforce tracking application incorporates a perfect pack of exciting features for employee tracking and monitoring. Here’s how it’s done –

Through digital attendance

The biggest challenge sales managers face is the anonymity of attendance of field executives. As their job requires most of their presence on the field. Thus, in case of urgent meetings, it becomes difficult for the executives to start their day by registering their attendance in the office first. That’s where this field force management application comes into play, as executives can register their geo-tagged login and logoff punches from their current location.

Selfie tagged proofs

This is yet another feature provided by sales tracking software to monitor on-field employees. This has made the communication of executives with managers more transparent and clear. To ensure their on-time availability at meeting spot or location, executives can send their selfie-tagged proofs to managers anytime.

By Geofencing their routes

Geofencing is a unique feature provided by some employee tracking applications. It allows managers to mark a particular area or route by creating a virtual fence around it, and breaching it gives immediate alerts to the manager. This way managers can effectively and easily track the on-field representatives and restrict them from utilizing company resources and working hours for personal use.

By tracking locations in real-time

And comes the core use of a GPS device – tracking locations and movements. Managers can track the real-time locations and monitor their every movement on an easy-to-understand interface. This not only ensures executives on-field presence, but they can also schedule further meetings and appointments and effectively manage task assignment by tracing their locations, as they have the status of all field representatives – whether working or available.

Thus, equipping your sales force with a competent GPS tracking system sets a perfect working culture in your organization that helps managers to manage their sales force in a better way and for field executives, it becomes more convenient to justify their work. Basecamp gives a platform to such innovative ideas, understands the organization’s needs and delivers such path-breaking technology to maximize your efforts and productivity in the face of Basecamp Scout, a field force management software. Besides all the features showcased above, Scout has a lot in its hat which makes the on-field team of salespersons deliver impeccable performance. So, get Basecamp Scout now and experience the elevated standards of your sales processes.

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