Questions to be Asked before Buying a Vehicle Tracking Device

Evolving technology has increased its involvement in our daily life, making it better, more convenient and easier. The impact of changing technological trends has revolutionized every sector, such as communication, education, agriculture, etc. One such sector that has recorded a phenomenal rise in the inclusion of technology in recent times is transportation. The world of automobiles is empowered with the smarter innovations these days, resulting in increased safety of your journeys. These technological advancements have also blessed our vehicles with a longer life with reduced downtimes and breakdowns.

One such technology we are using today is GPS – Global Positioning System. This tracking technology, today, is not an option but has become a necessity. To safeguard your trips and journeys, and to protect your loved ones, the system is an absolute need. Well, the definition of a vehicle tracking system is not restricted to just monitoring the vehicle locations and its movements; it has a wide meaning beyond that. The services offered by today’s modern vehicle tracking solutions include driving behavior monitoring, generating driver’s report, modern and robust anti-theft features, route optimization and many more. These features have made your every drive comfortable and safe. Thus, banking upon a vehicle tracking system is a must and worth in present scenario.

But looking at this competitive era of the market, it is full of big and small, new and old ventures manufacturing their own vehicle tracking software and devices, with everyone claiminggreat services in the most affordable costs. But it is suggested not to spend much and not to save much while buying this vehicle management system. Spending a big amount may not prove to be worth, whereas on the other hand less price today may result ina big loss in the future.

This article is aimed to help you choose the best vehicle tracking setup. Through this write-up we’ve made an attempt to cover the questions that should be asked to the vendors before making a final choice of any vehicle tracking solution.

  • Why should I buy your product?

As discussed above, there are numerous game players in the competition with their own product. Thus, this becomes the first question you should ask. And do expect a clear and satisfying answer from the manufacturer or dealer. Compare the features given by them and others in the market, and check whether it’s worth buying or not.

  • How does actually product work?

There are many brochures, leaflets, flyers, etc. available in the market to give you product details. But keep that in mind that it’s just the information written on the paper not executed. Ask for a live demo of the product to have a deeper knowledge of the product’s working. Check whether every feature shown promised by the seller is actually working.

  • Does it offer easy installation & operations?

The vehicle tracking software and devices are instrumented to make your drives and journeys convenient, not complex. So before shortlisting any of the options, make sure that the user-interface of the software is understandable or not. Remember that you are not the only one driving your vehicle, thus you should check that it should offer easy and seamless operations to your family and friends too.

  • What about the offline working of software?

The most important issue that pops up in the mind while buying these type of applications is the offline operations of the device. For example, while travelling to any distant places with no or weak internet signals, does the system provide offline vehicle status too?

  • What would be the services provided after Sales?

Check entire services provided by the vendors along with the installation after buying their product. Will they provide after sales services like technical support? What about the warranty and replacement schemes of vendors? What would be the charges/prices of after sales services? These are some of the questions you need to ask before engaging in any deal.

Here, with all these questions and queries we have tried to broaden the spectrum of your knowledge about the product and lessen the arising confusion in your mind to choose the best pack of services and features for the safety of your vehicle. The core purpose of this article is to save you from the fake products, vendors making false promises and confusing offers while investing a good sum for your vehicle protection and maintenance. That’s what we do at Basecamp Startups Pvt. Ltd. To serve people with the finest and latest technology, making their lives easier and safer. And Autobond is one of the products of Basecamp and a result of cutting-edge technology. Redefining the vehicle tracking, our product is designed to serve you with best-in-class services and making no compromise with the safety of your vehicle and loved ones; because it is a bond of your Auto safety.


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