Choosing the Right Field Force Management Software Partner is Crucial to Business Growth

We have ample of write-ups stating the need and benefits of Salesforce automation to monitor and evaluate various sales activities such as order and sales processing, lead management, interaction with clients, managing meetings, etc. Well, it’s true that to beat the current growing competition, your sales force needs to be updated with a contemporary solution. And a sales force automation software is the solution. So couple your field force with a robust solution empowered with unique features and experience increased productivity and elevated performance. It is a onetime investment which will surely help you redefine your business and enjoy the perks for longer.

But before enjoying the fruitful gains, the most challenging part you face is the selection of an apt sales force automation system. A wrong selection at this initial stage may lead you to the wastage of your time, efforts and more importantly money. Thus, analysis of ongoing trends and understanding of your needs should be taken into consideration while opting for an automation partner. Hence, to provide you ease while selecting a Sales Force Automation software, we have formulated some special criteria to be followed while selecting from a wide range of options available, and the one that will suit you the best –

  • Understand your business needs

Complete understanding of your business scenario is must before buying a Sales Force Automation solution. Usually, people commit this mistake of not analyzing the current status of their business, not determining the need or requirements of their team and dive into the market, which is full of a wide variety of options delivering a plethora of features. Thus, following your business insights before investing may help you in generating desired results and performance.

  • Identify the best set of features

After analyzing your business requirements you need to identify the areas where you or your team are lacking. You need to pick the process where you need to capitalize more to improve your performance and productivity. For example, it may be the tracking of your salesforce, increasing fuel consumption or performance measurement of any individual employee. Then think of a solution that will satisfy your every need and target each area you need to work on.

  • Flexible and Customizable

Checking the flexibility and customization of the Sales Force Automation software solution you are investing in, is crucial for the growth of your business. Thus, it is important to identify that the product you are shortlisting is flexible enough to support and satisfy the future needs of your business while expansion. Moreover, check if it can accommodate your specific needs, if any, through customization.

  • Pricing

It is the most important part you should look after while purchasing a Sales Force Automation software setup. Paying a huge buying cost is obviously not a smart move. And on the other hand, negotiation to a much lower cost compromising with the essential features will cost you more, as you won’t be able to optimize the software and achieve desired results. Thus, according to the features you need most, select the most affordable one.

  • Industry experience and expertise

It is substantial and will be a wiser step to know the portfolio of the vendor while opting for a Sales Force Automation solution software. It is highly significant and recommended to know about their expertise and experience in this industry. Thus, relying on a brand with bags of relevant experience may be a bit costlier in comparison, but will surely prove to be the best value for your money.


Well, these were some of the important criteria that should be taken into consideration while choosing an efficient partner to automate your salesforce. Automation is an absolute need of today’s time and will surely help you lead the increasing competition and gain improved results. As we discussed above that among a wide range of options available in the market, managers have to make a smart move by purchasing a solution that will cater to your every sales force management need. Such a complete solution is provided by Basecamp – Scout. A salesforce tracking application that offers a wide range of features like Task Assignment and Status Tracking, live Tracking, Geo-Attendance, Geo-fencing, expense analysis, etc. that will perfectly suit your business and will increase productivity and efficiency of your field force.

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