Why You Must Measure Your Sales Team’s Collective Performance

Being a sales manager, measuring your sales team’s performance is imperative for the growth of your organization. Performance assessment of individual executive may be helpful for healthy competition, but overall and sustainable development of the company depends upon the collective performance of your entire sales team. Great team leaders, who have the vision to see and understand the sales performance metrics, pave the way to a company’s success. In today’s competitive scenario, it’s unaffordable to collect individual executive’s performance report and to frame team’s overall performance. It seems like a hard work wasting your time, money and resources.

Well, there are a lot of practices that can help you track, measure and report your sales team’s individual as well as collective performance efficiently. Before proceeding, it is more important to know the reasons why managers should focus on collective measurement of their sales force instead of tracking the individual’s performance.

The first and foremost reason that we can see is the impact on the company’s growth. When an individual employee loses his/her sight of the goal, the team or even company may suffer a small and temporary loss – which is mostly recoverable. But when the number increases from one to two to three and so on, the whole team loses its focus and it has a major impact on the company’s growth.

As a sales manager, you are responsible for the team’s performance. If your team performs well, you will bag appreciation from the top management. But the flip side of this is a bitter one, you will be held responsible for your team’s underperformance. In any organization, what eventually matters is the overall performance report. Thus, along with individual assessment, a good team leader should always have a bird’s eye view on his/her team.

Apart from all these, let’s consider a bigger frame for detailed analysis. Assessing individual employee’s performance is useful for generating a healthy competition within the team, and motivating the salespersons to perform better. But monitoring and measuring your team’s collective performance is more fruitful for the companies having setups in multiple cities or countries. This helps to figure out the best performing unit or most valuable branch of the organization.

Last but not least. Calculating the overall performance of your sales team encourages teamwork and unity in the team, ultimately results in shared goal achievement.

The above-mentioned factors clearly state that collective performance report presents a firm picture of the company. And to achieve desired results, timely assessment of individual and team’s performance is necessary. But, tracking and monitoring performance through old and traditional techniques is yet another reason for poor performance. You need a modern and efficient system to keep an eye on your sales team’s performance. Basecamp startups introduces Basecamp Scout, a tracking application for effective assessment.

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