Why do you need tracking in your life?

When GPS (Global Positioning System), the technology that provides geolocation and time information, came out of US Military headquarters in the year 1980 and was made available for public use, no one would have imagined that it will reach to virtually every household, and in the pockets of common people. Today, the world navigates due to this revolutionary technology. Over the period of time, this irreplaceable technology has gone through many advancements and has broadened the spectrum of its services. Today, GPS is not only restricted to providing accurate locations but has become much-needed safety tool for you and your vehicles.
Along with safeguarding your loved ones, the technology has a lot to offer to the businesses as well. Especially for the companies operating in the logistics and transportation sectors, GPS is no less than a boon. The scope of GPS technology goes beyond vehicles, with its application in tracking humans, specifically the delivery and salespersons, gaining significant popularity. For a better and deeper understanding of the use of GPS tracking, let’s break it into three sections – for domestic purpose, for transportation, and for tracking humans. This will surely highlight the benefits of GPS system and underline why tracking is necessary for us. So get ready for the tour:
1) For domestic purpose:
We have many sweet memories attached to our vehicles – whether car or bike. For some, it could be a gift from the father, and for some others, it could be a fruitful result of family savings. The GPS technology looks after your vehicles, as a GPS chip installed to your vehicle, when combined with a GPS-enabled app on your smartphone, enables tracking your vehicles and the loved ones driving them. Hence, to ensure the complete security and safety of your favorite two and four wheelers, GPS tracking is an absolute necessity, as it tracks the location of your car or bike in real-time. So, now you can park your vehicles at unknown places without the threat of their theft.
The combination of GPS device on the vehicle and app on the phone is a complete relief for parents also. Now they don’t need to worry all the time thinking about their child and vehicle’s safety, as they can track their movements, location, and distance anytime and from anywhere. This way, GPS tracking is an important part of life for many.

2) For transportation:
Use of GPS tracking for the vehicles deployed in transportation and logistics smoothens their business process. For such kind of businesses, advanced safety standards are required that involve tracking of vehicles. There are a number of vehicles constantly on the move, which makes it challenging for the fleet operators to track each one of them manually. But GPS tracking – through the combination of a GPS device installed on the vehicle and the GPS app installed to the smartphone of the managers as well as drivers – makes it possible by tracking their current location, speed, movement and stoppages throughout the journeys. At the same time, tracking is useful for drivers too. While traveling to distant and unknown places, GPS tracking helps them find the safest and the shortest route to their destination. Additionally, tracking helps transport companies in elevating customer services by giving them the accurate delivery time.
Not only businesses, hospitals, schools, and colleges are also benefited by the use of GPS tracking. It lets the hospital administration know the location of all the ambulances, making it convenient for them to select the nearest one that can reach to the patient without any delay. In case of schools and colleges, parents and students can track the location of their bus and the route selected by the driver which gives the exact time of arrival and departure from the bus stop. This also ensures the child’s safety. Tracking also saves time and fuel, as you can get the real-time traffic updates so as to avoid the over-crowded routes and areas.
This explains how tracking is important for any logistics & transportation business, college, school and hospital to make their fleet operations seamless.

3) For human tracking:
Not only vehicles, but human beings can also be easily tracked nowadays; thanks to GPS and evolving smartphone technology. This is yet another business benefit of GPS tracking. Many businesses have their dedicated team of sales or service executives that constantly moves on the field to accomplish their jobs. However, to track, manage and control the field-force while it is on the move is a hard nut to crack for managers. In such cases, GPS tracking helps them a lot. They can get the live location updates of all the executives individually to check whether they are moving as per the assigned plan or not, simply by having a GPS-enabled tracking app installed to the smartphones of the executives and the managers. Thus, GPS tracking helps managers to boost productivity and monitor their team’s performance.
Conclusion: We were already aware of the term GPS and its working. But understanding these three aspects individually and in detail will surely help you to use this tracking technology in a better way. Making effective use of the GPS technology, Basecamp provides best-in-class solutions for personal vehicle tracking needs, fleet management, and for field-force management through its products – Autobond, FleetPro, and Scout respectively.
Autobond is a top solution that satisfies your domestic tracking needs. Equipped with a wide range of exciting and useful features, it ensures the complete safety of your personal vehicles. Then comes FleetPro, an efficient fleet tracking system designed to smoothen your fleet operations. Along with tracking, FleetPro offers a variety of distinctive features to make your organization’s fleet more productive. And finally, to elevate the performance of your field representatives, and to maximize the sales, Scout has been developed. To know more about these products, write to us at support@basecampscout.com.

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