How we can help you get closer to your consumers?

Consumer engagement has always been the most important strategy to survive in the ever growing market and to be on the top in this cut-throat competition. However, with changing times it has become equally easier as well. Consumers have started opening up on digital platforms and started discussing their needs, preferences, likes and dislikes. Also, the dynamics of consumer behavior is changing, especially in the case of millennial. Hence, consumer-centric organizations have started replacing their traditional insights and age-old strategies with new tools and contemporary marketing ideas, in a bid to stay closer to their consumers.

Moreover, understanding consumers’ emotions and motivation are important for marketers to instrument their marketing plans with the strategies like social media engagement, consumer engagement through AI, using tools of digital marketing, in-store marketing, attractive advertising campaigns, etc. But one more thing to emphasis is that you are not the only player in the market, thousands like you are relying on the same strategizing and tools to have a strong consumer engagement. So, the question is how to go beyond the arch and lead the market? The answer again revolves round the technology. How? Let’s find it below –

Evolving technology has transformed every business domain, hence consumer engagement is not left behind. To give elevated customer experience, manufacturers have started using technology in their supply chain, which includes distributors, suppliers, stockiest, wholesalers, big retailers and small retailers. On one end of this hierarchy is you and at the other end is your end-consumer.  Thus, for the better and faster flow of information, feedbacks, reports, etc. you need a competent application to equip your team. Basecamp Scout, a smart solution can be the best for your company. It is a robust computer software and mobile-based application that along with tracking your team executives, also helps you increase the customer engagement and achieve the desired results.

In the complete supply chain mentioned above, retailers are the only blocks that are close to the consumers, as they directly deal with them. You can even use them as a communication channel between your on-field executives and customers. They give you accurate response and feedback of your product, which your executives in real-time can share with the upper management through the mobile application. This will surely help management to take further decisions according to the need of people.

The same strategy can also be used for the competitor analysis. Retailers can tell you the performance of your competitors and response to their products. And executives, in a wink, can generate reports and share it with the team. Thus, no need to wait for meetings and discussions, as the application provides a shared platform which is accessible to all.

It can also be used for the reverse flow of information. Decisions taken by the upper management or the information of the new product launch can be easily shared with active field team through the application via a single click on the broadcast message.

Besides all this, direct involvement with the consumers is a key to have increased engagement with your consumers. Thus, companies can even send their field executives to the customers for surveys and feedback. In such a scenario, a sales tracking application is of best use. You can track the location and monitor the movement of your deployed team in a particular area – whether in the same city or other. This will enable you to gauge your field performance and get accurate survey reports in real-time.

Thus, it is clear that a sales tracking application is not only to track the GPS location of employees, but becomes more valuable as it can connect you with your consumer base. Basecamp Scout, a potent application is empowered with a GPS system and is designed to meet your every field-force management need. So, partner with Scout, boost your sales and know your customer better than before.


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