Future Trends in Field Force Automation

Today’s competitive scenario reflects the need of adapting the technological innovations to stay on top and lead the market. Hence, it becomes equally important to equip your sales force with a contemporary solution, which can make its management seamless and boost its productivity. Companies have started strengthening their field force with competent field force tracking applications to monitor their sales team’s performance and activities. Automating your sales processes not only enables you to track their movement and activities, but also give elevated customer service.

Field force automation has numerous business benefits and helps organizations to win a competitive edge. With the evolving technology, dynamics of field force automation constantly keep on changing. Till date, we are introduced to the limited functionalities of field service software, such as tracking executives’ live location, defining their routes, Geofencing their area, reports generation, etc. But changing trends will take field service automation to an advanced level. So let’s throw some light on the trends, which experts believe, will carve its future_

AI and IoT: NextGen field force managers

Unique and contemporary technologies, such as mobile applications, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) are set to transform the space of field force management. Businesses can improve their productivity and on-site efficiency with the effective use of customer data. This can be more beneficial in taking decisions and forecasting the needs and demands of customers. Hence, companies will soon shift their focus from manual tools of coordination to more viable options. In addition to this, studies have revealed that in upcoming scenario over 20 billion gadgets will be linked to this flouring industry of Internet of things, and around 74 percent of providers will rely on it for hassle-free working. Which means everything will be connected and predictable. Your field force will be able to predict which customer will need service, what would be the problem and how it needs to be solved; taking the customer satisfaction to next level.

Competitive Analysis

Your latest software for field force automation should sail beyond the traditional tools and features. Integrating with the big thing the internet, it will become easy for managers to assess the market scenario and study the competitors’ strategy. This will be helpful in making your visits and meetings focused, customer-centric and more fruitful.

Blockchain Technology

Whenever we hear Blockchain technology, the first concept that strikes our minds is of cryptocurrencies. But it’s not restricted to this only, experts believe. According to them, we can think of blockchain being used for various industries, and field service management comes first. Integration of Blockchain with the technologies like smart devices and IoT, surely going to be helpful in verifying the payments, for example generating alerts and notifications. This could also transform the traditional process of collecting payments. Hence, Blockchain holds the spot in the list of future trends for field force automation.

Thus, these are some of the trends and features that experts predict to shape the future of field force automation. This will not only give the day-to-day details of your field representatives but also keep their tasks streamlined, eventually giving an elevated and outstanding customer experience. This results in managing your field force along with high customer retention. And we at Basecamp Scout, try to explore and implement new technologies in our field force tracking application and software to make your management automated and go seamlessly.

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