What is Field Force Management: An Overview

Field Force Management

Field Force Management is an umbrella term for the roles & responsibilities of Managers with a team force out in the field. The concept sounds simple, but is tricky and challenging to execute. So, let’s take a complete tour to get a clearer understanding of the concept Field Force Management, its need and benefits.

A number of businesses, serving a diversified sector have a dedicated sales, service, delivery or such teams. And, in a bid to gain maximum business, this team is constantly on move to meet clients and to sell their respective products. To manage this geographically dispersed and huge field force, a Manager is deployed, whose task list includes the jobs like keeping a detailed record of all the field team members, creating their schedules, assigning tasks, track them, assess their performance, etc. Performing these tasks along with the pressure of boosting sales, add more complexities and challenges to their job. And an unorganized field force leads to underperformance and eventually generating slumped sales figures. Whereas, an organized and well-managed field team boosts sales as well as customer satisfaction and delivers desired results.

Thus, it is very much clear that there is an absolute need for the field activities to be efficiently monitored and streamlined. However, it becomes barely possible for the management, sitting in the office to manage the field force scattered on the field. In today’s scenario relying on manual and traditional techniques to manage your field team leads in time wastage and losses. And while doing so, many hurdles come your way, such as –

  • Getting real-time updates: Every sales manager shares the same story of being unable to track the sales team’s exact location at any point of While in the office, it becomes hard for managers to get real-time updates of the on-field activities. The situation becomes equally grievous for the sales persons when any real-time issue arises.
  • Maintain regularity of sales team: While managing a sales force, one of the most challenging tasks is to keep an eye on the attendance and working hours of the individual member of the sales Since they are constantly on move, it is impossible to register their attendance in office. This makes the picture obscure for managers to define their regularity.
  • Assigning real-time tasks: Sales cannot just go by the plan. You need to meet last minute customer requirements, enquiries, deals, etc. Waiting for the team to be back so that tasks can be assigned means delay, and delay means business lost. Moreover, owing to any reason, if any of the personnel becomes unavailable for a pre-scheduled trip or meeting, then it becomes chaotic for the managers to assign the real-time task to any substitute.
  • Tedious Paperwork: Maintaining the pile of papers and files, holding the entire information of each and every field force member becomes tiresome and frustrating.
  • Tracking FieldForce: Knowing where each and every individual of the team is, what path is followed by them, confirming if he is really at the client’s end or indulged in some personal work takes away a manager’s sleep. Tracking when a rep has entered or left an area allows need-basis scheduling apart from the beat-wise.

Solution for effective and organized Field Force Management:

Now it is very much clear that for a streamlined field force management, you need a competent and contemporary solution. Through an effective tool, you can manage and organize your field teams’ operations efficiently and smartly. That’s why Basecamp Scout is made. The GPS-enabled app is the result of cutting-edge technology and takes care of all the processes required to regularize and manage your field force. From Attendance Management, Live Tracking, Geofencing, Task Management, Status Updates, real-time Reporting, Order Booking, to Digital Form Filing, Basecamp Scout can do it all.

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