How Fleet Management System Can Keep Your Business Moving Forward

fleet management system

Businesses having a complete or partial dependency on their fleet vehicles wouldn’t have gained a huge success, if the advancing technology had not been there. The phenomenal rise of this sector – whether rental cars or taxis, school or college fleet and transport or logistics companies, should be fully credited to the evolving telematics systems. It is this technology that has kept your business moving forward. This technology is called the Fleet Management Software- a secret ingredient that makes your entire fleet operations lubricated by replacing the manual, traumatic processes. The technology is going through continuous innovation and expansion to make the fleet journeys safe for drivers, vehicles and other people as well. Now tracking is not the only lucrative feature offered by these systems, instead they possess a wide range of features beneficial for your business growth.

So, from mapping, monitoring to effective management of vehicles, fleet telematics systems nowadays serve every purpose, empowering managers to single handedly manage fleet processes and maintenance, irrespective of the fleet size. The geographically scattered fleet can be easily located and accessed through a digital and common platform with some easy finger commands. However, the businesses that target saving the initial, one-time cost of installing such systems to their fleet, suffer huge losses and expenses and end up wasting a huge sum of money, time and resources in fleet management.

So this ample of introduction must have given you a clearer understanding of the concept of fleet management system and what makes it a must-have tool for business growth. Now let’s move on to the detailed explanation of features offered and how they can be helpful in keeping your business forward –

  • Manage expenses: the only fruitful key for businesses

As it is popularly quoted, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. The saying justifies the importance of having an advanced management tool for your fleet. The biggest thing that keeps your businesses moving forward is money. Thus saving a big on your fleet expenses is equivalent to earning it. Managing operational cost of fleets is the most challenging part of entire fleet management process. Particularly in case of bigger fleet size, it isn’t an easy task to set budgets and stick to them. The fluctuating fuel prices, increasing maintenance costs, sudden breakdowns, etc. are among the factors that make a huge impact on budget and keep managers always sweating. Though these expenses with fleet are inevitable, yet they can be controlled to a greater extent by taking some preventive steps using vehicle telematics. The system can integrate every fleet vehicle with the fuel cards to keep a tab on fuel logs. It also checks the activities like fuel theft that are difficult to track while fleet is on the move to distant locations. This way you can fix the mismanagement of fuel expenses.

Sudden or frequent breakdowns are also a serious concern in parallel, which can leave managers scratch heads over disturbed budgets. So to lower the cases of sudden breakdowns and make your vehicles serve longer, regular check-up is needed. A close look at your vehicle’s functioning is key to make them perform better, reducing their downtime. To serve this purpose, advanced and updated Fleet Management software allows performing easy vehicle inspections in minutes. Thus, irrespective of the number of vehicles in your fleet, vehicles’ routine health checkup is no more a hectic and time consuming task for managers. This saves your time and shuns the risk of deploying the vehicles eve with minutest of glitches.

The above mentioned are the reasons that directly impact the fleet budget. In addition, there are other factors too that have their indirect influence over budget allocations. Timely servicing of vehicles is the first among them. Skipping or forgetting servicing dates more often results in decreasing the life of your vehicle. And this unwanted expenditure of one vehicle may be equivalent to the servicing cost of multiple vehicles. So, you have to decide which one is more profitable deal for you – bear unwanted losses or invest smartly for vehicle servicing. If later one is the choice, then an efficient telematics partner is what you need. Timely service reminders will never let you forget the servicing schedule of every vehicle.

Yet another factor is drivers’ behavior during trips. All might talk about it, but only a handful of people consider it as a serious concern. Reckless driving patterns are difficult to track, especially when vehicles are on their trips. But these fleet tracking systems never leave your driver alone, as they continuously track their driving behavior and immediately alerts managers in case of rash or careless driving. This lowers the chances of accidents, saving big loss.

  • Time is money

For the industries involved in transportation and logistics, nothing is more valuable than time. They know how timely deliveries strengthen their goodwill, and how delayed shipments tarnish their reputation and image among clients.

Multiple are the features of these fleet management and tracking software that make fleet operations streamlined, ensure timely and safe deliveries and eventually establishing a happier and more satisfied clientage.

Having a digital platform for saving fleet details and maintaining records has become easier and convenient with these fleet software. As you have to no more deal with pile of paperwork instead the fleet software keeps all your fleet data secure and always accessible with a centralized database. This not only saves time, but gives you vital data when you need it just where you need it.

Vehicle scheduling is yet another complex task for managers. Maintaining calendar for all fleet-related operations is tedious as well as laborious. That’s where the telematics technology comes into the frame. Now you can easily update and access the schedule of a particular fleet vehicle to know it’s availability for the task. This help saving time and cutting complexities in assigning tasks.

The above mentioned were just a few of the features from a long list that a fleet management software offers, specifically like FleetPro. It is a rare blend of such newest and unique features, designed to focus on elevating efficiency and productivity of your fleet, streamlining the complex processes, and eventually keeping your business to move forward. Try out the best-in-class solution for all your fleet related problems with FleetPro.

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