How Does a Real-time Vehicle Tracking System Works?

real time GPS tracking

It’s been a story of the past few years for the automobile industry that new terminologies like automation and tracking have been introduced. The inclusion of such technologies has added the new dimension to the safety and maintenance of your personal and business vehicles. It is the GPS tracking that helps you track your vehicle’s location and movement, whether it’s stationary or on the move. This growing popularity among vehicle and fleet owners have attracted new tech startups to come up with vehicle tracking systems. Since we know that GPS is a globally accessed radio-navigation system that locates any object on the globe, hence this blog aims to enlighten the users with modus operandi of this GPS enabled tracking systems and to find out how such systems actually work?

The Global Positioning System or GPS monitors the exact location and movement of any object on this globe. The tracking system can be implanted to locate persons, cell phones, and vehicles. The updated features of tracking and monitoring have widened the scope of its use. Thus, it can be used to track the lost assets, to monitor your child driving the car or to track the movement of business fleets.

So, we got a clear understanding of the concept of GPS or real-time tracking systems. Now, we will throw some light on its operations. The GPS system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) that transmits microwave signals to the GPS devices to provide the geo-spatial positioning, along with the details of speed, time and distance. Hence the GPS system gives real-time and past locations of any object. The GNSS system incorporates the group of various satellites that continuously revolves round the earth and the signals received from this satellite system is then received by the different tracking stations situated across the globe.

Thus, the above section enlightened us about the working of a real-time tracking device. Now, apart, from tracking, safety has also been an important challenge. The number of fatalities due to road accidents are increasing each day, and hence the government has already initiated to replace the existing GPS with the new and upgraded tracking systems that not only serve the purpose of tracking, but will also help the drivers and commuters to tackle the panic and emergency situation. The modern system will come with an AIS 140 certification that will ensure the enhanced safety of the vehicles – whether used for personal or professional purpose.

The system is developed to boost the quality and safety standards of the Indian transportation system and hence its incorporation will be made compulsory. The AIS 140 certified devices will have an updated list of features that will make the system quickly and smartly respond in case of emergencies. These devices have two operational IPs, integrated with an e-sim. Moreover, the device can store a huge amount of data to access the past locations and visits of vehicles. So, these are some of the features of AIS 140 certified trackers. Now we will highlight the process of data transmission that occurs when any panic situation arises. The process can be easily understood through the figure presented below –

vehicle tracking system

The vehicle equipped with the AIS 140 certified trackers sends the signal to the navigation satellite. The satellite, after receiving the signal, transmits it to the receivers that are established in the form of national data centers. The process of this transmission is carried out through towers situated on earth. The data centers then send these signals to command and control rooms, which then contact the emergency rescue teams, such as police, ambulance, fire fighters, etc., along with the pinpointed position of the vehicle.

Thus, these AIS 140 certified trackers will soon become a part of our transport systems. But you can make your vehicles – personal or business, empowered with the safety of AIS 140 certification now. Basecamp values the importance of safeguarding you and your loved while travelling. Thus, we have crafted the series of our new trackers compliant to the new government norms that will make your every journey happy and safe.

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