Fleet Management Trends that will Dominate in 2020

fleet management software trends 2020

The technology, as we witnessed in 2019, has undergone a major transformation. As we enter the last year of this decade, 2020, we will see the technology evolving in every sphere. And parallel to these changes, we will have a great impact on our lives, making them heavily dependent on technology. The reason behind this is comfort, safety and ease it provides to make lives better. Among all these domains, the automobile sector has seen numerous changes. Despite having a slight slump in the manufacturing and sales of automobiles, the industry forecasts a rapid recovery in the upcoming year.

However, multiple reasons that affected the automobile industry, revolve around the state of transformation and evolution through which it is still going. Be it replacing the BSIV engines with the newly mandated BSVI type or the increasing popularity of electric vehicles for both personal and business use, these reasons promise a bright future for automobiles and industries related to it. But on the contrary, the industries dealing with vehicle management and maintenance remained unaffected with the slowdown in the automobile sector. Probably, that’s the reason for the increasing need for a technology that works beyond the traditional approach of keeping your vehicles safe and perform better. Yes, you got that right! Vehicle Management Software.

The concept of advanced telematics systems is not new anymore. Businesses find it as complete value for money investment that results in yielding more safety and improved performance of business vehicles. The evolution in these systems has surpassed the GPS tracking and served the fleets beyond that. So today, we will have a quick look at the trends in fleet management technology that will dominate the industry in 2020 –

Creating a world of connected assets

AI and IoT top the list of technologies that will shape our future. Thus, these smart features have entered in fleet management tool, and now managers can actually communicate with fleet vehicles and can control them through their mobile phones. Sounds interesting? These modern fleet tracking and management systems give 360 degree view of all fleet vehicles, whether they are idle or moving to distant places. Also, they can instruct the drivers and control the movement, speed and safety sitting miles away from vehicles. Establishing such an advanced level of connectivity has not only given a boost to performance but has elevated safety levels reducing the chances of any mishap.

In-vehicle health checkups

While writing about the technological advancements in the automotive sector, especially the role of telematics in making lives safer, ample of times we have focused on monitoring driving behavior. But soon, the technology in the upcoming era will go beyond this, enabling face and iris recognition as a part of vehicle telematics. Thus, it will not only check the driving pattern but will also give the real-time health status of drivers, and will quickly alert the management I case of any abnormal symptoms like driver fatigue, sleep deprivation, disturbed heart rate, etc. This will surely shape a safe future of fleet drivers, vehicles and people.

Future Integrations: V2V & V2I

Connectivity, as we discussed earlier, is among the prime future trends of fleet management. But more than the inclusion AI, the concept of connected vehicles (V2V) is soon going to be a reality. Truck platooning is of such examples, where the fleet vehicles, travelling to distant places in groups, will form a network, and will strictly follow the path and speed limit set by the platoon leader. This will avoid any vehicle getting off course and will lessen the chances of any mishaps.

V2I is yet another next-gen integration that will provide unmatchable safety standards to your fleet vehicles. This will allow your vehicles to integrate and communicate with road signs and other traffic signals. Researchers forecast such technology to be of great use and helpful in bringing down the number of vehicle crashes.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

Augmented reality is the concept that we have so far seen in Sci-fi movies. But in the near future this is going to be a reality. Some high-end cars even today show the maps on the windshield, taking navigation to the next level. Very soon this will also get replaced with the dashboard scanning objects moving on the road, and displaying entire info about its speed, distance from our vehicle, and even chances of a collision on the windshield. Well, the implementation of such a concept seems unrealistic for now, but soon this would be among the ace technologies making your fleet runs safe.

So, these above mentioned features and tools will serve as the new setters in 2020 that will dominate the fleet management industry. The one having all such features and delivering all the benefits shown above will be the best suit for your business fleet. And one such name is Basecamp FleetPro. We are an all-time leader in fleet and personal vehicle tracking and management, as we believe learning and transformation as eternal processes. Hence we are committed to making our product better to match new standards and fulfill modern-day requirements.

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