AIS 140 Implementation for Efficient and Safer Public Transport System

AIS 140 certified GPS devices

It has been observed that the use of public transport has fallen to a greater extent, as people in cities, nowadays, prefer their own vehicles to commute. As per the findings, during the 1990s the public share using public transport was approx. 66 percent, which has now drastically dropped to almost 30-35 percent in this ongoing decade of the 21st century. The major reason behind this massive fall in number is itself our transport system that failed to keep the pace with the present auto boom. Whether it’s introducing new technology or making the rides safer for the public, public transport has not shown up the mark of progress.

On the contrary, looking at the increasing population and expansion in major cities, the need for using public transport is taking a positive shift. But in parallel to this, there is an absolute need for an upgrade in the services and technology of public transport. Understanding this need, the government has now introduced a set of policies to match the high security standards, making our public transportation system efficient and safer than ever. And this new update is AIS (Automotive Industry Standard) 140 certification. Joining hands with the ongoing tracking technology, the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has designed a set of standards to build an intelligent public transport network.

Soon, the government is planning to mandate these AIS 140 compliant devices in all vehicles that will definitely contribute to elevating the standard of road and passenger safety. These AIS 140 certified devices will not only track the location and movement but will help the passengers and drivers in panic situations. Along with this, the implementation of these compliant devices will help to gain control over the untamed and unorganized traffic system too. This new update in the automotive sector can be fitted to any public transport system that carries the responsibility of many passengers. Before discussing the feature-list of AIS 140 certification, let’s find out the user-base of this technology.

The AIS 1401 certified devices are useful for –

  • Government and private bus operators ( Intercity or Intracity)
  • Various institutional fleet owners – schools, colleges, hospitals
  • Private cab/taxi service providers ( Intercity or Intracity)

The GPS tracking devices need to match some of the mandatory standards, set by the government, to obtain AIS 140 certification. Some of the technical requirements of the devise are mentioned below for a device to get certified –

  • The device should be capable of obtaining information through GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) along with GAGAN (Indian satellite-based argumentation system).
  • The device should be enabled with an efficient GPS system to get the pinpointed location of the vehicle anywhere and anytime.
  • Along with tracking it should provide sufficient data storage to store the location of the vehicle and to retrieve it anytime.

Now let’s take a quick tour to assess the features offered by this innovative technology that ensures safer mobility of all the public transport systems mentioned above –

Features of AIS 140 certification to build a smarter and safer public transport

We have listed down some advantages of AIS 140 certified devices that will take the automobile standards to another level –

  • Safety and Security of vehicle and passenger

The AIS 140 certification ensures complete safety of the vehicle and passengers, as it allows you to monitor the behavior of the driver. The device immediately tracks any attempt of careless or reckless driving and generates quick alerts to avoid any mishaps.

  • Deal with emergencies

The AIS 140 devices are empowered with the blend of GPS tracking along with the feature of SOS panic button. The button helps drivers and passengers to deal with the emergencies during the journey. In case of any accident or sudden breakdown the device immediately contacts the emergency services (like police, ambulance or fire stations) giving your accurate location.

  • Smarter fleet services

Supplementing to these emergency and safety services, the AIS 140 certification makes your government or private fleet smarter. The device is tuned to obtain the information through multiple satellite systems (GNSS and GAGAN) and offers secure data transfer to the national data centers. Such technology has never been a part of our transport system, thus we can imagine the quality of services being delivered after the implementation of AIS 140 devices.

Moreover, to ensure maximum safety, the AIS 140 devices allow the access of two IP addresses, as one of them will be under government monitoring. Thus the channel of information flow will now involve government centers, along with the vendor and customer.

  • Upgraded tracking features

It allows monitoring and getting accurate locations and movement of vehicles through GPS + SBAS features. Adding to this, the standards of tracking has been raised by the Geofencing feature that alerts you if the vehicle crosses the virtual fence marked. This way you can keep a constant eye on your fleet vehicles.

This was all you need to know about the newly introduced automobile technology – AIS 140 certification. The technology is crafted to encapsulate every need to match high security and safety features. And when it comes to the best-in-class devices, Basecamp FleetPro is the most trusted name. The certified devices provide all the modified features to make the public transport and fleet services better, smarter and safer.

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