5 Ways GPS Technology Is Saving Lives in 2020

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Even though it is not doing great on the sales front, the automobile sector in the country is witnessing a period of phenomenal development on the production front, going through various positive transformations. Be it two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, or even bigger vehicles, rapid changes are taking place to make your journeys more comfortable, luxurious and quick. All the important features of automobiles have got a facelift in recent times, except for one. Whether unknowingly or deliberately, we are neglecting the safety and security part of the vehicles, ourselves, and the loved ones driving them. The road crash statistics from all over the country completely justify the above statement. Various reports have suggested that there are multiple reasons behind these accidents, viz. engine or brakes failure, drink and drive, careless driving behavior, unavailability of SOS button in public vehicles or fleets during panic situations, etc.

To make our readers more concerned about this issue, we are here sharing a few stats from the studies conducted by some trusted researchers. According to the reports of a study, the average fatality rate on Indian roads due to accidents was almost 400 per day in 2017. To prevent such accidents and reduce this death rate, the Ministry of Road Transport along with traffic police has taken various initiatives to increase public awareness towards road safety. Few amendments have also been made to the Motor Vehicles Act recently, making these traffic rules more stringent to make more & more people follow the traffic rules in the country.

But, more than this, there has been a strong need to implement other safety or precautionary measures to make your journeys safe, so that this figure can be improved in the near future. This should not just restrict to the compulsory wearing of helmet and seatbelt or imposing heavy fines for not carrying vehicle papers and documents. An effective solution beyond this is needed to be brought to the table that will apply brakes to these increasing cases of accidents and ensure a secured future for us.

Technology has always helped mankind to evolve and deal with extreme issues. Serving the same purpose, the developing automobile technology has spread its wings by delivering solutions for vehicle and passenger safety. The vehicle tracking and management software is one such solution. More than a personal vehicle’s care, fleet vehicles carry bigger responsibilities. A small negligence or mistake can result in a big loss of life and property.

The GPS-enabled technology, till date, has majorly served as a tracking partner for personal vehicles and fleet. But the growing concerns and modern requirements ask for an equally effective and smart solution to serve every purpose of fleet managers. Thus, taking a futuristic view this time, we are going to address some of the next-gen issues related to fleet management and vehicle maintenance and some effective ways to optimize the GPS technology for saving lives in 2020 and beyond. So, fasten your seatbelts and come along.

  • Smart fleets for smart cities

Whether it is about a fleet of school/college buses, public transport, ambulance or fire brigade, the traditional ways of vehicle management and maintenance should be replaced. The world in 2020 will have internet accessibility to almost every nook and corner; why not then use it for elevating efficiency and safety of your fleet? Particularly in case of ambulance and fire brigades, time is money. A fraction of delay in reaching the spot can be the difference between the situations going from bad to worse. Thus, having access to the call location and position of all your fleet vehicles at your fingertips can ease out the fleet manager or operator’s task to identify the nearest available vehicle and make it respond to the emergencies without wasting time. Such use of GPS tracking can lead to the saving of many lives.

  • Keeping your arsenal loaded

Being the manager of fleets that include buses, cars, taxis and trucks that regularly make longer trips, you should have your fleet fully ready and operational before embarking on a new journey. Till date, it was difficult to deal with cases of a technical fault or sudden breakdown, as servicing of vehicles can’t be done more often. Thus, ensuring your fleet’s health, and in turn of those driving it, the fleet management software allows you to perform vehicle inspections in minutes. Now spending a few minutes regularly to check the vehicle’s readiness will be a fair and worth deal in order to save precious lives from any mishap during the trips.

  • AIS 140: A revolutionary certification

In a bid to achieve the highest safety standards for your fleet, government of India has recently come up with an initiative of mandating a new certification – AIS 140. The certified tracking devices are ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) approved and have integration with the Indian satellite-based augmentation system, GAGAN. It enables the location tracking of vehicles through both SMS and GPRS. Empowered with multiple safety alarms, the device is designed to ask for immediate assistance in case of mishaps or panic situations. The panic button quickly alerts the nearest govt. help station and accurately send the pin-point location of the vehicle. The certification is made compulsory for the fleets carrying responsibility of masses such as rental taxis, interstate private transport, public transport, organizational fleets, etc.

  • Behavioral test of drivers

Drinking, disturbed mindset or short tempered nature has been a prime reason for a driver’s reckless driving that eventually increases the chances of accidents. Thus, it is important to monitor the driving behavior of driver, which is not possible without the GPS technology being the helping hand again. These modern fleet tracking software can spot the careless driving activities like aggressive acceleration, hard braking, etc. in real time, and alert the management immediately to take timely action, avoiding any unfortunate situation.

  • Interactive and helpful map

The robust fleet tracking software is supported by the dual power of GPS and live interactive map. The system designed can set up an uninterrupted communication with all the fleet drivers, making it easier to deal with any sort of emergency during the trips. If such happens, the map can be helpful for managers to track nearest help centers in close proximity to the location of vehicles. This could become a life-saving feature of GPS technology in case of medical emergencies.

Final thoughts

That’s it folks. These are some of the ways in which you can use your fleet tracking and management software for saving lives in the near future. GPS technology so far has, and shall continue to redefine vehicle tracking in the upcoming era as well. And as the saying goes, “invest today for a better tomorrow”, you definitely need to partner with this emerging technology to make your tomorrow not just better, but safer too. We at Basecamp Startups have always addressed the present scenario and prepared cutting-edge software products using advanced technology to cultivate fruitful gains in the future. To smartly deal with the issues pertaining to fleet as well as vehicle safety, and save lives dependent on them, Basecamp has developed FleetPro, a GPS-enabled fleet management system. Do visit us at www.basecampscout.com to explore more about this product and our other offerings.


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