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Basecamp Startups Pvt. Ltd. (BSPL) is a breeding ground for innovative ideas and enterprise-level technology products that solve critical business problems. It is an initiative by promoters of BatchMaster Software, who are one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries, have rich experience of over 30 years and 2500 implementations worldwide, and successfully serve over 2000 customers from seven different offices across the globe. Well-planned-executed implementation, intensive training, 24x7 support, ongoing research and development, continuous evolution and unlimited customization capability are the few quintessence of BatchMaster's impressive track record from years.

The same virtues also reflect in BSPL, which focuses on delivering long-term value to its customers through its quality software applications. The company has, since its inception, strived towards identifying innovative technological products and developing those products right through the conception phase to creation. In a short span of time, BSPL has churned out successful software products in BizChat, BizPortals, OptiPro ERP, Issue Tracker, Scout, FleetPro, and AutoBond. These products have been well received, and have established BSPL as a mature startup and a force to reckon with in the industry.

BSPL’s state-of-the-art scalable infrastructure houses its current team of 150+ dedicated professionals, who follow the principles of absolute focus, collaborative & insight-driven work, continuous learning, and delivering quality in their everyday work. The team includes full-stack developers, mobile-focused engineers, UI designers, QA analysts, web marketers and project coordinators, who are passionate about their work and are self-driven. The team is flexible and adaptive to evolving market dynamics, and thoroughly analyzes the business challenges or opportunities to ensure timely and smooth execution.

BSPL’s in-house recruitment team works round the clock to support its aggressive growth plans. With such a dedicated team of researchers and developers at its disposal, BSPL is pushing for greater heights in the years to come. To sum up, BSPL focuses on:

  • Identifying and quantifying critical business issues & challenges
  • Mapping business use-cases and market reports to the identified issues
  • Identifying innovative technology solutions
  • Defining standard procedures for developing, iterating and launching products
  • Facilitating the development of those products from conception to creation
  • Creating market presence for products and services through specialized marketing service

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A GPS-enabled sales tracking app, Scout keeps the sales managers connected with their sales team out in the field in real-time.

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